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Robot in 3 Days is proud to be back and bigger than ever for 2016. This year we had 8 teams competing against the clock to build a robot in 72 hours.

The Robot in Three Day Challenge is a competition created by the founders of iR3 Creative Engineering. We are one part entertainment one part education, meaning that we are usually one or the other, rarely both and occasionally neither. Once a year, with the help of our sponsors, we build robots to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition. But unlike the rest of the competitors, in the spirit of gracious professionalism, we lie, cheat and steal our way to completing in 3 days. Because six weeks is entirely too long… And that’s a lot of time to be mucking about machine shops and cad packages anyways… We got kids! Yah heard!?!

We are continuing the trend of mixing professional, college and community based teams. We are excited by the impact the efforts are having in their areas through sharing and partnering with local teams.

We are also making a few changes for 2016. Teams have been asked to limit YouTube video releases to 1 video per day and we’re hoping this cuts back on the video clutter. Teams will be using the Ri3D Blog, Twitter/Vine and Facebook so make sure to follow and subscribe to get frequent updates.

We’ve also allowed for a twist in the “build rules” in which teams may choose to build more game function prototypes in place of finishing an actual bot. This will allow teams to cover more ideas and game angles and hopefully have a more diverse showing. We really have no idea if this will actually happen as some games need a complete robot to demonstrate the ideas… But maybe it will?

The 2016 teams and their Robots:

Ri3D 1.0
We did it again! Ri3d 1.0 unveils their robot for the 2016 FIRST Robotics Competition Stronghold. This robot was built in just over 48 hours , and features a climber, ball pickup and shooter, and mechanisms to deal with the defenses.

Team Indiana
This robot features a 6 wheel drive of 8″ pneumatic wheels. A dual roller intake that also acts as a feeder to a wheeled shooter. An arm in the back helps tackle the challenges of the defenses.

Team oRyon
Sirius Robot

Snow Problem
‘Snow Problem unveils their robot, Perses, for the 2016 FIRST Robotics Competition Stronghold. This robot was completed within the 72 hour timeframe, from Noon on Saturday until Noon on Tuesday.

Team Redacted
In our final build update, we share our two favorite stacking & testing failures (AKA learning opportunities), a full 42 point tote stack, Justin Grimm talks autonomous testing, and Aaron Schmitz goes over updated mechanical design changes over the last day of testing.
Stick around… Our Ri3D 2015 Reveal Video is coming soon!

Team Tesla
TESLA has a dedicated team of engineering students. This is the final part of their journey on successfully conquering the Stronghold.

The GreenHorns
The GreenHorns present our 2016 Robot in 3 Days Robot, Rivvet! Check out this document for information about Rivvet!
The GreenHorns is a Bison Robotics team from North Dakota State University.

Team Cockamamie (New team at USC lead by Billfred Leverette)
Cockamamie as it may be, we’ve done it! We got together a robot that can pick up and shoot the boulders, clear the low bar, and even manage the rough terrain without losing its hold. (Surprised we can handle it with the kicker pulled back? So were we!) We even added an arm at the last second to try lifting the portcullis or lowering the cheval de frise, but since we haven’t finished building those yet you’ll just have to imagine. 😉 The robot isn’t perfect, but with six full weeks left to fine-tune and practice driving there’s no question it would be a worthy pick at many regional and district events. We hope you picked up some clever ideas from our work and will give the University of South Carolina a look! It really is great to be a Gamecock.

Which one is the best for you?

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