Robot Goalkeeper defeats Lionel Messi!

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Machines can do some surprising things … Robot can work , clean, cook ,walk a dog and even play football 🙂 Sometimes robot can play better than best from the best…

Four time World Footballer of the Year Lionel Messi has be beaten by a robot goalkeeper in a bizarre penalty shootout recorded for Japanese television.

Whilst we are unsure exactly what the purpose of the show is, and how the world’s greatest footballer got roped into appearing on it, the result sees technology trump human in a best of three penalty shootout. Going up against a robot keeper, Messi is tasked with slotting a penalty past the fast reacting machine.

Having been the thorn in the side of many a team and goalkeeper, Barcelona and Argentina star Messi appears to have met his match with the animatronic shot stopper that, as well as being rather adept at saving penalties, plays host to a face to scare off any onrushing attackers.

According to reports, the robot goalkeeper in question utilises a pair of action tracking camera built into the frame of the goal to capturing the action at a speedy 90 frames-per-second. Creating a 3D map from these images, the cleaver software behind the robotic man then sends the goalie spinning in the direction of oncoming shots, taking into account angle, spin and power of the kicks.
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