Robot Bat Bot B2 -great friend for Batman

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Meet Bat Bot B2- the newest robotic invention of the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. Bat Bot B2 is robot inspired by bats and it imitates in the exact way movements of this animal.

Bat Bot B2 is made of carbon fiber skeleton, 3D printed parts and silicone elastic coating that imitates skin.
Bat Bot has also built-in FC with sensors- responsible for navigation, brushless DC motor and IMU (Inertial Measument Unit.
Bat Bot B2 movements are based on 5 different emotions of bat flight made by particular parts of robots body- bat’s shoulders, wrist, elbow and tail.

For now bat bot reached the distance of 30 meters of straight flight , but it’s just a beginning 🙂

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