Roboplow is coming ! Throw away your shovel !

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Are you sick and tired of of the daily shoveling snow from your driveway?
Yaeh , I know. Every day the same story. You get up in morning, quick shower, coffe , breakfast , you’re already late for work and that that damn snow…

You think ”There’s no other way…” So you are taking the shovel from garage and go outside do your stuff.
After all you look as snowman in the middle of winter and all you need is carrot and a broom to fool your kids.
I don’t mention about back pain.

I’m telling you bro , you are wrong. There is other way.
It has six wheels,660 amps of power, 10 watt leds camera on the board and fully pneumatic bulldozer blade and the most importatnt thing it’s the answer to your snow problem.


Fast and reliable way to get rid of snow ,sitting down on the couch drinking coffe (instead of freezing outside with shovel).

Roboplow is totally FPV vehicle, controled by the owner.

After that movie you probobly gonna ask like all the rest: What’s the price and where can I get one 🙂


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