Renault Kwid Concept Car with Quadcopter on the Board

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Kwid drone

Renault company knows how to surprise  motoring fans and new technology. Very interesting design and a lot of unusual solutions make that car special; flip-up doors, large, 305/50 R16 tyres, cameras instead of rear-view mirrors, a central seating place and aircraft yoke-type steering wheel .

kwid renault quadcopter

But the most amazing thing, especially for fans of drones, is the quadcopter stored in a built-in compartment in the roof 🙂

What for? The answer is simple: Quadcopter fly ahead or follow the concept car.The drone could relay live video and the driver is able to see what’s goining on the planned path on the tablet computer. The drone can scout out the path before committing to driving it. It’s makes driving a car safe.

And one more thing…Is is it a really good -looking car of the future? I prefer violet variant 🙂 And you?

Renault Kwid at the Auto Expo 2014 Renault

kwid renault


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