RC Robots list for Christmas 2017

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RC robots are perfect toys of the future for everyone. The technolgy is  developing day by day and RC robots on the market are more advanced then ever. The list below is fast overewiew of robots on the market and will not discriminate nobody’s needs 🙂 You can find more advanced robots, which are always a little bit more expensive and also really cheap funny robots for kids. But value vs price will be fair 😉 Christmas are coming and maybe you will find an inspiration or idea for perfect present for you, your kid or other familly member 🙂

1. Xioami MI Bunny Mitu provides the best value at a competitive price.

Let’s start from Xiaomi Mitu. Why? It’s the best value product comapre to price. Xiamomi brand make really great quality gear, but in very atrattive prices and Xiaomi Mitu robot is not an exception. Normally we gonna spend for it 129$, but on the promo we can buy it for 99$, so it’s the best deal ever.

Xiaomi Mitu comes in pieces, it’s DIY so it will great fun not only to play with it, but also to build it. The two main parts are two carbon brush motors and fast CPU: STM32 proccesor. Xiomi Mitu is also based on the gyro stabilization system , so it’s capable to self positioning if we decided to build it on wheels. Xiaomi Mitu has also possibilty to add external  Infrared , Ultrasonic and Color sensors to make it more advanced.

This robot is really advanced toy; it can be controlled by your smartphone with special APP and supports Graphics Modularization programming. We can build Xiaomi Mitu in many different shapes : robot, dinosaur, tank robot, excavator or spaceship. Our imagination is the limit :)The base could be wheels or caterpillar. When you are buying the kit you need to keep the attention what version you are buying.

Xiaomi Mitu is perfect gift for kid. Why? These kinds of DIY robots develop the fantasy and teach them how to use the imagination. We can say that Xioami Mitu is the modern “incarnation ” of well-known puzzles, but the better one because after we finish the building , we can play with it.

Xiaomi Mitu will be a perfect toy for kids to build it with help of parents. The common fun integrates the family and strenghten the familly.

Xiaomi Mitu robot is made of ECO friendly ABS material, so it’s safe for kids. Most of the toys are made of cheap plastic, including Bisfenol A or B and this time we can say that Mitu robot is great example of kinds friendly toy 🙂

2. Cute remote controlled nad famous little robot BB-8 Planet Boy 

Straight from Star Wars, but not only for Star Wars fans Rc robot BB 8. I’m not a huge fun of Star Wars , but I think that  Planet Boy BB 8 is really awesome. BB-8 Planet Boy  will be perfect toy for younger kids and super extra solution for parents, who don’t want spend a fortune for toy . This tiny little guy costs only 19.99$. Yeah, it’s something in the way it moves 🙂 BB 8  has really adorable 360 degree rotation moves , plays music from the movie and blink the lights. Cheap and cool robot toy for  child aunder 6 years old for small amount of money.

3. DIY Arduino robots for geeks 🙂 but not only …

These robots look awesome and remaind space robot from NASA, which was sent  to explore the Mars 🙂 or army saper perfect robot 🙂

All examples of robots are controlled by smartphone and special application, have a fpv camera on the board and are great quality. These robots would also develop fanatsy and bring a lot of fun and  bring new knowlage. 2in1 Knowlage and fun at the same time. It’s the best way to learn something new.  More expensive models have extra feature- remote controlled robotic arms on the board, so user can perform military mission 🙂 A tons of fun and possibilities.

Examples of these Arduino robots:

TH Robot Wifi Smart DIY Crawler RC Robot Tank

Smart Wifi 4WD DIY RC Robot Car with 1.3MP HD Camera Support PC Mobile Phone Control Monitoring

Smart Wifi DIY Crawler RC Robot Tank with 1.3MP HD Camera Support PC Mobile Phone Control Monitoring


or others HERE

4. Wltoys F4 is an example of cheap RC robots for kids. 

I pick up Wltoys F4 ,  because for 43$ we get Rc robot with a lot of funny features:

-It with camera on the board, so we can record short movies  or take a photos
-It’s easy to control by smartphone
-It has gyro sensor the board , so it balance itself

So features are a little bit increased for that price. As an extra feature Wltoys F4 is equipped with a removable tray and it’s capable to hold about 300g item 🙂

Of course you can get cheaper RC robots for kid on the market. Wltoys F4 was just an example.


The great idea for young game fan would battle robot, which will separate child from XBOX or computer and encourage him to be more activ.  When we were young we spend more time playing with other children just playing , not just sitting in a front of the computer and meet on the virtual world. And this time go back to past habbits might be very good for our children health 🙂

The perfect battle robot will be KEYE Toys 9006-1 DIY .It’s equipped with with gun muzzle to shoot the enemy and  a infrared sighter to help you target the enemy and it’s capable to 360 degree rotation and of course to walk 🙂


More cheaper, other, funny toy RC robots you can find here :


5.UBTECH Jimu 3D Programmable Creativity DIY Robot Kit.

Next great robot kit . At first it worth to mention , that it’s not cheap, but really worth every penny. It cost 199$ for Explorer level version and 399$ for Inventor version.

UBTECH Jimu 3D was the first this kind of robot on the market and was one of the greatest innovation robot of CES2016. This kit allows the children not only to build their own robot , but also to  programme it and became a part of Jimu community.

UBTECH Jimu 3D is interactive robot that teach children how to solve the problem and understand the robot concept. This robot it’s worth every penny.

6. Wltoys F8 Dobi Intelligent Humanoid Robot is perfect family friendly toy .

This robot is more advanced solution then cheap RC battle robots , but it’s quite expensive- over 300$. Wltoys F8 Dobi can be controlled by smartphone application and it’s very fit robot 🙂 The movements of Wltoys F8 Dobi are similiar to human, so Wltoys F8 Dobi can not only walk, but also dance like pro 🙂 thanks to 17 servo joints on the board . Moreover,  using choreography software user can programme the movement for robot . Really cool!!!

If there’s a  need Wltoys robot will also tell a story , sing and it’s ready to perform simple conversation, so it knows how to interest a child.

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