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Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

I bought this transmitter for test, coz price seems to be very fair ( 140$ ) compare to possibilities, quality and opinion of other buyers( but is it true … we will see ).  So far I can just make some ground test but I will update this review when I receive a hexacopter (then more test and answers will come ) .

First impression

My first impression was ( wowwww it’s big and looks so good and then switches Click Click Click … )

Well packed,  huuuuge and reallygood looking  transmitter. Orange color looks  so … orange 🙂  thanks to that  people will recognize you from at least 1km 🙂

What we can find in da box

  • Transmitter AT10
  • Receiver R10D
  • Power return box PRM-01
  • Cable to connect R10D <> PRM-01
  • Parts to switch mode
  • Huuuge manuals ( we can find there all answers and much more ; )

Switches, switches lots of switches…Couple words about quality of construction

For that price I didn’t expect miracles (I knew it will be plastic) but there is a one thing that pist me the most – on transmitter we will not find any antislip shell ,just plastic … Ommiting this single detail everything fits and looks great.

Thousend switches give us lot’s of possibilites to control vehicle. Big bright screen and two joysticks to control menu works and looks great. This transmitter is very light/comfortable to use it, without neck strap.

Switches on AT10:

  • 5 x potentiameter ( one o left and one on right side to control gimbal and three one the top)
  • 3 x three position switch
  • 4 x two position switch
  • 1 x two position switch but with automatic back to one position

Receiver and Power return mode 

Receiver work on voltage between 5-10v ( for this review I connected receiver for 2s bat. 7.4v and was ok). When we’re connecting power return to receiver,  it works without any problems. I’ve tested battery 3s but it’s also works with 6s.


In menu we can find a standrad  signal trengh , battery levels for TX / RX esc / RX additional battery , trimer positions etc.

It’s a beggining so far so I can’t guide you that all fuctions are useful and all settings are really needed… Probably not ( but it’s always greate to have it ) .

But couple things I can tell you for sure right now ;To control menu, we will use  two buttons ” Mode” & ” End ” and  two cursors with push in button. At first time is hard to uderstand for the hell I need all this options in menu but after 1H, everything is consistent and logic.

Battery holder &  How long Transmitter will works 

Space for battery is so small that  you need to use the battery holder or ultra small 3s battery ( like 1500mah 3s ).  Turnigy 2200mah 3s  battery is too large by half.

I decided to use  8 x AA GP 2600mah. On these batteries tramistter will work about 7 hours, before voltage drops to 9,6V and alarm will turn on ( you can set your own voltage alarm for example 9V,  but you shouldn’t set lower than 1,2V per battery ). Transmitter working voltage is between 7.4v -15V.

What is inside and mode change

I can’t say much about electronic but everything looks standard; it’s not low quality equipment that some electronic parts don’t fit or it’s too much tin.

One thing I don’t like is antenna. I  have already  broken plastic “pipe”, this with antenna cable inside (it happend when I tried to take out receiver from the box) Fortunatelly, I was planning to change the antenna and cable inside anyway, so it’s not a big deal for me. I will change it to simple sma  connector coz I want to add bigger antenna about +8dbi ( it should give me more working distance ).

The thing that I  truly love on this Radiolink is that in a box we can find parts to change mode options (from two to one / three / four / or  even for DJI mode ,where all sticks are in the middle). To change mode all we have to do is just to replace metal plate and add spring. It’s so easy and for free.

Fast like hell

Producent says that this AT10 has response time only 3ms. After testing and comparing it to Frysky I can say I feel the differences- really  faster respond. I hope it’s not only my subjective impression, coz I am not able to measure that  and compare as the manufacturers of equipment.


If you dont’ want to spend 600$ to futaba or something really expensive but still want to have lots of options and good quality- buy this Radiolink.

I just bought this transmitter for test but so far I will stick longer to AT10 🙂

If you have any question just ask in comments or send me private message on website. I will update this review and review on youtube in this week.


You can read more about specification here and also if you already got this transmitter you can share your opinion there

You can Buy here AT10

  1. (I will change it to simple sma connector coz I want to add bigger antenna about +8dbi ( it should give me more working distance ) please, Closer please say this? thank.

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