RadioLink AT10 2.4GHz 10 Channel Remote Control

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RadioLink AT10 is a one of the best and the cheapest 10 channels remote controllers, some people even say that is the same good quality as futaba. RadioLink AT10 is multifunctional  remote control for almost every popular models of drones, helicopters, airplanes . RadioLink AT10 comes with 320×480 resolution, colourful screen and high channel resolution reaches  4096,0.25. Some extra features are  anti-jumping DSSS(Direct sequence spread spectrum) and fast time response-only 3ms to the operation. RadioLink AT10 is a great value for good price , really worth to buy.

Description: Transmitter
Color: Gray;
Frequency:2.4GHz ISM band(2400MHz~2485MHz);
Modulation mode:QSPK;
Channel bandwidth:5.0MHz;
Spread spectrum:DSSS;
Adjacent channel rejection:>38dBM;
Transmitter power:  <100mW(PCB testing), <20dBm(3 meter air testing);
Operating Voltage:8.6~15V;
Operating Current:<95mA;
Control distance:800 meters ground;
Channel:10 Channel,8~10 channel are customizable;
Compatible model: Include all 120 degree and 90 degree swashplate helicopter,all fix wing and glider,five flying model;
Simulator model:under the simulator model the transmitter action turn off,change to power saving model;
Screen:16 colorful screen,size 78×52mm,320*480 pixel.

Receiver: R10D 2.4G 10channel
1. DSSS technique, super anti-interference
2. RX voltage and signal strength telemetry, extensional sensor for EP, Temperature, RPM, GPS etc.
3. All 10channel needs 3ms to response parallel
4. Section precision 4096, stable the servo, rudder shaking free
5. Max input voltage: 10V
6. Current: 38-48mA (voltage 5V)
7. Size: L×W×H=50×32×15

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RadioLink AT10 2.4GHz 10 Channel Remote Control

  • Multifunctional
  • Big colorful screen
  • Great quality
  • Quite cheap
  • Any?
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  1. i have this transmitter, yes it’s cheap but if you use the cursor to navigate in the menu it’ll break.
    My cursor doesn’t work anymore so i can’t customize the parameters… has anyone the same problem? thanks

    • Hi Mirko I used AT10 for long time and never had any problems. I think this could be some hardware failure with simple cursor and it should be easy to repeair. Just find someone who has knowlage about it 🙂 .

  2. I love this transmitter

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