Quadcopter Mobius vs Gopro Hero3 Side by Side comparison Aerial Video 350QX

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I saw a lot of people saying Mobius camera was as good or better than the Gopro for quadcopter/multirotor aerial video, and is much much cheaper, so wanted to do a direct comparison, side by side on the same flight etc to see for myself.

I’ve mounted both camera’s onto Blade 350QX quadcopter (using a single frame), then flew a flight on a windy day which I think is a harsh but fair test between them, and the video is side by side for easy comparison.

I used my preferred settings on Gopro3 which is 720/60fps/5 second stills, Mobius in 720p will only do 30fps in wide angle setting, so thats closest equivalent setting, I updated Mobius firmware to latest version yesterday (8/2/14).

My Mobius is the original/Type A lens, I know there is a newer wider angle/type B lens which is closer to Gopro FOV, so I’d suggest you ignore the wider FOV for the gopro and just look at the colours and video picture details.

This was filmed on Blade 350QX, but is applicable to any quad or multirotor, DJI Phantom, etc.

AUW is 972g, the mobius/gopro twin mounting frame is actually 10g lighter than the gopro in skeletal housing I normally run on this quad.

Hope this is useful, I haven’t made any comment/judgement on the video so people can judge for themselves.

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