Puffer Origami Robot of NASA explores the Space

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Straight from Laboratory in Pasadena in California, welcome scout robot Puffer !!! Puffer is a new robot from Nasa , inspired by Japanese art of paper folding- Origami, ready to explore the most extreme terrain,  hard to rich by human and space.

Puffer is very inconspicuous, but really clever robot that will fit every narrow slip . Thanks to two folding over its body wheels can easily fit narrow spaces like small caves or other wholes in ground and crawl under it. Thanks to smart construction of Nasa robot, it can climb 45 degrees and it’s enough resistant to handle a crash or fall, without any damage. Puffer robot can also sense the obstacles and avoid it. In the future is planned to use Puffer to explore other planets and research missions.

Little Puffer robots are the part of NASA team and will patrol the terrain with an accompany of larger rovers. Puffer robots are designed to be folded as a deck of playing cards (as we can on the last picture of galery).

NASA robot has also high resolution camera on the board to transmit FPV view and solar panels, which Puffer will use to charge itself, when battery will get low. On on battery charge Puffer can reach the range of 625 meters.

And on mor thing :)He is cute 🙂

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