Portable 4K Wifi FPV underwater bionic fish robot drone BIKI

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BIKI is really cool underwater drone with 4K camera on the board, FPV and Wifi, which looks and behave like real fish. With no doubts, we call BIKI the most advanced underwater drone. Finally, no cabel connection!!!

BIKI is a project made by Robosea from China from Kickstarter, but in contrast to Kudrone it’s ingenious and credible project. BIKI is bionic drone that not only mimics the movement of real fish, but has obstacles avoidance system, automatic balance and return home feature.

BIKI can work- “swim” and record for 90-120 minutes, so you can enjoy the underwater view for really long time. It’s amazing!The max underwater depth of Robot Fish BIKI is 196 feet, so users might reach places not available for everyone… and stay dry 🙂

BIKI robofish is amazing Ultra silent- 55dB, so it won’t startle fishes in the their natural enviroment. This feature makes BIKI underwater drone  not only perfect tool for explorers, but also for fishermen.

This smart fish drone is connected via WiFi with your smartphone- no underwater cabels like in case of other underwater drones. Special application allows you to control BIKI, take underwater photo, record a video or enjoy FPV view. BIKI drone supports 32GB memory cards and is redy to record in 1080p quality videos for up 2 hours. Sample of video takn by BIKI underwater drone below 🙂

Biki drone has also 4K camera on the board and in case if you worry about shaking of drone movement vs. taking photo – Biki drone has  anti-shake camera stabilization system based on an eccentric pan & tilt head.
Camera has also 150° wide-angle lenses , that will catch every detail. Biki has 2×114 lumens lights on the board, so exploring dark uderwater caves is also possible.

Biki is like a dolphin 🙂 Why ? Because to BIKI drone uses a bionic sonar echo-location to locate objects underwater., just like dolphins. It’s first this kind  of solution, that was used in creating underwater robots.

BIKI has GPS, so you never loose it, somewhere underwater – no diving needed 🙂

BIKI drone is really small, portable drone , that you can take with you in your bag or backpack. Great drone for holidays 🙂

BIKI drone is one of the most amazing drones, I’ve lately seen! Absolutely amazing!

Read or support on kickstarter here


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