Police uses drone to find missing people

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Drones are very important tool for police in USA and helps police officers to find missing people.

Drones are important part of new technologies , that help Police during different missions. Drones used in rescue  missions are capable to fly for great range and have high quality cameras with thermovision on the board. When Police is using a drone, the terrain might be searched  faster and more precise then just in case of usual ground patrol.  In most of cases the time is very important and  plays main role to find missing human alive.

Police used drone to find 84-Year-Old Hunter from Rochester. Ground patrol couldn’t find a man for couple of hours and it was getting dark. Police decided to use the drone. Rochester Police drone was equipped with thermal imaging camera , so it was possible to search for missing man at night and on bad weather conditions. 84- year old man had a some health  issues, so wife was worried , that something bad might happened. Police drone has found the man after an hour flight and it’s was a hight time, because man got stuck in the mud was semi – conscious. Thanks to fast help and drone man was hospitalized and survived.

Next case for Police drone was to find old lady on corn field. A know that it’s sounds little bit funny, but police deciced to use a drone, because old woman had dementia and limited contact with reality… But the point is that using of drone allows police officers for fast and safe mission, without need to engaging all police patrols.

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