Police Drones in USA

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The efficiency of unmanned aircraft is becoming a popular tactic for spying on and targeting America’s enemies abroad, but recently ┬áPolice Department has been granted permission to use drones to patrol the streets of cities in the USA.

Moreover, Obama’s home state has become the first in the nation to receive clearance from the FAA to add drones, to the growing arsenal of military equipment their state troopers enjoy.

Currently the FAA has approved drones for 2 years for traffic investigations .

VICTORIA Police is considering introducing unmanned drone aircraft to assist in operations, following the lead of US authorities who will begin using them for surveillance, searches and car chases.

Indiana Police admits to having drones. Police in Indiana uses drones for a variety of police tactics from search and rescue operations to drug busts, an I-Team 8 investigation uncovered.


Police in a central Indiana community are turning to a drone to help them document accident scenes.


Cullman Police use drones to help search for missing children, elderly.


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