Parrot Rolling Spider Quadcopter – hands on with new super easy quad [Hands On]

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The quad syncs with any Android, iOS or Windows smartphone or tablet as controller, using low power Bluetooth, which means it has a range of around 20 meters. It also has cool features built in such as auto take off and auto landing with one button press, plus built in trick shots with a quick swipe of a finger.

Oh and did you notice those wheels? They’re for wall and ceiling climbing, when you get bored of just flying around.

Flight time is around 8 minutes, with a re-charge time of 90 minutes (yes, you’re going to have to be patient), and the craft is very robust. In our tests we saw some pretty rough treatment handed out, and the quad came back for more each time.

Great little product, which will be available in August at a price of £89.99 (no US price has been announced yet.).

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