Parelle battery charging on every charger

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I had a lot of 3s batteries(about 10 x 3s 2200mah batteries) and charging every single one was time-consuming. I had to figure out how to make it faster and I found a “parelle charging board”. I start reading about this board and some of users say that it works perfect on few chargers, others say that it doesn’t work in a proper way so I bought it and checked;) .

Now after couple weeks of tests I can say, that it works perfect and  it’s totally must have. Great thing is that it works with every single 6s charger; I didn’t notice any problems, even when one of batteries was 10,6V and other 11,1v  at the end all charged batteries were 12,6v.

How have I used charger board?

Before charging process I haver balanced all batteries to storage volatge.F or 3s battery it will be 11,4v ( 3,8V per cell). Of course if some of batteries are 10,9 -11,4, it will work fine, but difference between batteries shouldn’t be bigger than 0,5v and the strongest battery can’t have more than 11,7V. If differnence between batteries is between 0,3v-0,5v charge them with 0,4C for all batteries; it will prevent overcharge for the strongest battery.  What is C ? It’s a maximum currunet, which you can charge battery. C for 2200mah usually is 2,2A  for 5000mah is 5A etc… So if you want to charge parelle six 1300mah batteries, C for them is 7,8A. As I said before all batteries should be charged with 0,4C, so according to the laws of math 7,8 x 0,4 = 3,12A .

You can buy parelle charging board here

  1. It Looks Like a “Great Idea”, but Parallel Charging Multiple LiPo Batteries is a Very Bad Solution to “multi battery chraging”… Reason Being IS —-> (Long Story Short)…. No Matter What Charger You Use, when you hook up these “Parallel” charging boards, Do you know what the Internal Processors of the charger are doing?? The Charger is “seeing” All those batteries connected to its port AS ONE ! So, It will “Charge” the batteries, But Not Properly ! Any Professional Charger Automatically Reads each cells individual voltage, their resistance and eventually Slows it’s charge rate as a battery is almost fully charged. The Problem with Parallel Charging is that the charger Cannot Keep Each batteries cells Balanced And “Properly” Charge them. I have spoken with Multiple Hobby Experts and even Chemical Engineers about this… They ALL Agree that Parallel charging Lipo’s (Especially 2-6 cell), Is Very Dangerous. Not Only will the batteries be Unbalanced, It will Increase the Resistance of each cell, Leading to Shorter Battery Life and will Ultimately Ruin the batteries Chemical Distribution (Preset at MFG’s), Leading to Extreme Premature Battery Life and or a Very Bad Chemical Fire… # BAD IDEA !!! Don’t believe me, search YouTube for the video where a man’s house burns to the ground because of Parallel Charging his LiPo’s…

    • yeah, many users has this problem with single battery due to LIPO chemistry. So parelle charger will not change it anyway.
      Well if somone leav alone working charger then this is his choice. My charger is always on my bench because if something will go wrong then I grab all this garbage , throw it to bath and then I will think what is my next step.

    • works great for last 2 years, no problem with 1s – 4s batteries even 8 at the same time , at the end of charging every single cell has same voltage. So I have no idea where did you find that this is dangerous and unsafe, unsafe is if you know that one battery is damaged/puffed then it blow up anyway 🙂 .

      About your experts that parelle charger will increase resistance of the cell , honestly ” WTF ” ? . Resistance will be increased due to extra balance cable connected to the board and maybe due to some pdb tracks but cells IR is constant. Resistance increase temp , but as far as you are not using 5m balance cable and 10A then balance cable should be cold, for cells is always the same resistance no matter how much extra cable will be added and IR sum on the charger screen is sum of every single + cable.


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