NYC Police Arrested Activists Using a Drone Against Animal Cruelty

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NYC police decided to make an illegal traffic stop of Shark team- an activists exposing the cruelty of animals, because they were flying a drone over Marshall Farms, that reproduces animals for research.

Shark team is an organization that spread ideas of the respect and kindness for animals and helps animals for years. An activists uses the Angel drone to get an aerial view of dubious companies, that  are abusing the animals.

At the end of this story members of Shark team were handcuffed and taken to the police station for illegal using a drone- flying over private property and refuse to show the ID to police, despite the fact  that police officers found licences after rifling their pockets. No charges were filled.

In this case drone is a tool of justice. From the other hand is sad that in this case police incompetence is obvious- they need to know the law- it’s their duty. It’s not our job to judge anybody, but this case shows that it’s good to know your rights.

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