Ninebot Segway Robot Launch at CES 2016

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Ninebot Segway Robot

Ninebot teamed up with Intel to create a self balancing robot equipped with voice recognition. This new product is expected to be released later this year.

CEO Brian Krzanich demoed a NineBot Segway that can transform into a robot.

The Ninebot Segway can be ridden like a handleless Segway, holding it steady between your legs, travelling up to 30km at speeds of up to 18kph. On arriving at the destination, you can attach arms to the Segway to completely transform it into a personal robot.

Intel calls it ‘Hoverboard Butler’ and says that it is powered by Intel’s RealSense technology.

Towards the end of the demo, an executive on stage asked the Hoverboard Butler to follow him off the stage, and it did. The robot tracks the person using the RealSense cameras on board and not just following a smartphone or any other sensor on the user. While the Segway retains the design and overall look of the Ninebot Mini, there is a small ‘head’ that emerges on command. This front display can stream video and also with two ‘eyes’ gives the robot a personality.

The robotics platform, developed by Intel and Xiaomi-backed robotics startup Ninebot, which bought Segway in April last year, is capable of sensing its surroundings, recognising objects, people and voices and can be extended to perform a variety of other tasks through a development kit.

Intel says that this is essentially an open platform and will be rolled out for developers sometime in the second half of this year.These developers will be able to come up with new applications for the Segway robot, before it becomes commercially available.

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