New DJI Drone and 3DR Software Cooperation

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If can’t beat your competitor , join him! And that’s exactly what did 3DR (3DRobotics) – a second popular drone company on the drone industry. 3DR insted compete with first on the world and the most popular drone producer – huge and famous leader – DJI, decided to collaborate with it.

DJI conquered the drone industry with its flagship series of DJI Phantom and now DJI has near 70% of the whole drone market( according to official information from 2016 65%, but since 2106 till now the advantage is still growing fast). The truth is  that today there’s no drone comapny to might be a real threat for DJI… So, the best decision, that 3DR could make was to cooperate with the best drone company.

DJI is not only the best on the drone market, but also the huge company and has thousands of employees. Despite the fact that 3DR was on the second place on the drone industry, just after the DJI, the company has near hundred of employees and had no chance with big and popular DJI. For DJI was easy to beat the competitor with every single product of DJI –  DJI drone have the most advanced technology on the board and the price is decreased to minimum. It’s like to compare local small shop to the supermarket. So when  the flagship drone from 3DR- Solo drone appeared on the drone market with price of 1000$, DJI lowered the price of one of their famous models of Phantom series to 500$ and “stole” customers from others drone companies like 3DR or Yuneec.

Unfortunately for all 3DR fans and users ,financial problems forced the company to stop production of the drones and about year ago 3DR changed the strategy and focused on drone softwares for the construction industry, instead manufacturing of drones. Till now…

Couple days a go DJI and 3DR officially announced that these two companies are partners and customers can enjoy the quality of DJI drones and softwares made by 3DR for these drones.  And from now 3DR and DJI have integrated Site Scan software platform.

What does it mean? The information of official website of 3DR says:

“For Site Scan customers, flying a DJI drone has the exact same workflow: you can use our mobile app, Site Scan Field. DJI drones will work seamlessly with Site Scan, including its autonomous flight modes, multi-engine cloud processing, and suite of tools designed for construction, such as: performing topographic surveys, calculating cut and fill volumes, measuring stockpiles, exporting native Autodesk file formats, and much more.”

Both companies- DJI and 3DR are satisfied and excited  of this partnership and we wish the same to their future customers.

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