New Collision Avoidance system for drones

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Because of more and more restriction for drone users it’s high time to find a solution that make happy drone enthusiasts and anti- drone society at the same time. Drones fans want to make this hobby more popular, but some of them (idiots!) ignore safety rules and fly to close to airports or over the crowds without permission. Results of that  are: more no drone zones, necessity of registration even quite small drones or fine. Some rules are really needed, but some of them are the result of hysteria or stupidity. Is there a point to fight with stupidity? I don’t think so…

But new collision avoidance system for drones might be a really good idea. Thanks to TBS Crossfire and FLARM  coopertion on the drone market appears  The FLARM software – new Collision Avoidance system for drones, that share telemetry data between aircraft and drone. The FLARM alarm is made for General Aviation and will show the user exactly how far is the drone from the plane. How does it work in practice? Well, quite impressive 🙂

The FLARM is not cheap. It costs 349,99$. Is it worth to spend that money on it?  Is it a good invention? Well, the truth is like ass, everybody has its own and opinions are different, but for sure it’s a great beginning 🙂

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