New anti-drone weapon Drone Hunter from Air Space System

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I’t not easy to capture terrorist drone with dangerous payload on the board, when it’s flying over the crowds. That’s the reason why drone will hunted by another drone.

Many specialists of drone technology are looking for solution that allows to catch  suspected  drones in the most safe way. In the future we had opportunity to see how work anti-drone lasers or anti-drone weapons, that remind guns from Sci -Fi movie.  Most of these anti-drone weapons make drones fall of the sky and this solution seems to be too dangerous and it’s a threat to human life. The whole situation is more complicated when drone has dangerous substance on the board and when it flies over people’s heads during a concert or other gathering. You just can’t take down the drone, it’s to risky.

The problem with commercial drones is big right now and it will grow rapidly, because drones are going to be faster, cheaper and capable to carry heavier payloads. We can’t stop the evolution of technology or stop drone biznes, the only way is find a way to catch before it’s gonna be late and it become a tool of terrorism.

The new idea of drone hunting it’s a one of proposition of Air Space System to sort out the problem of illegal drones . Air Space System convinces that  Drone Hunter  is the best and the safest solution. What’s the plan of drone hunting? Big powerful drone with net on the board will catch dangerous drone and transport it safely on the ground.

Drones are the future, but if drones gonna be a tool of war or terrorism , we have to defend. Stupid people will always find a way to use good things in bad intention.

Do you think it’s a good idea to catch the drone by another drone?

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