Multirotors Race Time Baby

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When I was young , I used to watch Star Wars spaceships racings and battles with bated breath. I was dreaming to be a pilot of one… Even just for a moment 🙂

Of course we have games on playstation or xbox  but still it’s kind of virtual feeling and despite of everything it’s a part of human nature that we are always lookig for  more impressions in our live.

A specially this real one.

As you can see on the movie below, you don’t have to buy a spaceship to create your own „Star Wars” .


Drone it’s a perfect substitute J And it’s cheaper 🙂

The crashes are real and you control real machine. Additional advantage is

safety .

All you have to do is find the area with plenty of trees and couple friends with drones and intentions to play.

Low risk and great fun 🙂

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