Multirotor UFO Drone with Electric Jet Engines

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Ufo drone project

Why this multicopter is special? Well, it looks cool, just as UFO. But not only this fact  makes this multicopter worth your atention. This multicopter has got electric motors on a board ;T-Motor ESC T60A 400Hz! Creators are still working on construction , but UFO Drone looks really promissing right now. UFO Drone flies really smooth , but not really quietly… But as the inventors says “we are still working on at upgrades and new solutions”.

But the most important question is: “What are the advantages of these jet engines compared to the normal, propeller based drones?”

The answer is simple;You lose flight time but gain enclosed smaller props which makes it more compact and safer  (Less chance of hands in 15″ props etc) and more noise as they spin at an insanely high speed!

And it is always great to see people experimenting , that’s how we begin to make some progress!

The UFO Drone Team initialy flew on ESC Redox 60A x 6 motor, but they have exchanged the ESC to new T-Motor T60A 400Hz . It was a great idea ! After exchanging the flight is much more smooth and steady. You can see a big difference when you watch movies below with a prototype of Ufo Drone with ESC Redox motors.


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