Most powerful FPV Racing Drone GB190 ” Angry Hornet ” Build Stage 1

Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

I really can’t wait when I will finish this drone!!! Just connect the battery and push throttle to the limit-this will be insane!The best parts for only 225$ ?! Hell yeah !!! With this drone some RTF drone or expensive Vortex have no chance.  You will never say ” I want more power”, more likely you will say “How to decrease the power cause when I am adding some throttle then the moon is so close”  xD .

A lot of users have positive opinions about GB190 frame. Most of users also think that RS2205 are the best motors ever and ESC DYS SX30a are like “a cherry on the top of cake” 🙂 GEARBEST made a good job with this drone (good thing is that they are really listening to users and upgrade next versions with great parts… not like other sellers with some shitty parts just to earn more $).

Building of this drone is a pleasure, everything goes really smooth. There is no need to have any technical/electonic knowlage, everything is simple as **** ( you know xD   ). So let’s start it.

Here is a video:

For 1 stage we need: Frame, ESC, Motors

Now we need bottom & medium plate of the frame, 4 x arms, aluminum cross, 4 long screws, 8 medium long screws, PCB, 4 nylon nuts and screws.

Use long screw at the middle. Others metal screws  use at the ends and on the center.

Tighten the nuts on long screws, then mount a PCB and tighten it by nylon screws.

Now is time for motors and ESC…Have you noticed that Gearbest sent me newest ESC (date is from this month, so these ESCs are still fresh and crispy like rools from bakery) xD .

Mount one motor to the frame and check how do you want to mount ESC. I decided to save weight and mount it between motor/frame and without cover box . Measure how much cable need to be cut out.

Now is tricky part, we have to cut cables as much as possible to fit ESC between motor and frame (always is better to cut not enough then to much, later you can easily short the cables ).

Solder time! This is what I really like in these ESC ” Pads “- it’s super easy to add some solder on pads and don’t forget to add solder on motor cables.

Now solder it together, there is no need to cross edge motor cables, because we can change rotation of the motor in ESC settings by using USB tool.

Of course at the end don’t forget to use shrink tube to cover pads on ESC.

If you mount motor & ESC and it’s not fit because cable is to long, don’t  worry. You can easily band cables and make it fit. I always use zips to secure ESC.

Now we have to solder ESC power cables to PCB.  I have decided to mount 4 cables under pcb and 4 over. I like how it looks. Of course you can mount it like you want. Remember to check 10 times if you are connecting + to + and – to – (red is + and black is -).

At the end , my piece of parts is starting to looks like a drone :). If you have hot glue, you can secure 5-12v outputs because these cables are quite fragile.

Promo coupon for Angry Hornet (225$ Special Thanks for Adam from gearbest who gave me this coupon):  GB190

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