Most powerful FPV Racing Drone Angry Hornet Build Stage 2 ” Small problem “

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At Build Stage 2 we will face first and at the same time the last problem with this drone. Building a drone make you fell a little bit like constructor and in case of DIY drones, we might deal with some technical problems more often than in case RTF drones. But in my example, issue is really not a big deal. I can even say that when we finish, the drone will look much better :).

Last time cables from ESC/Vbat/Camera power cables were soldered straight to battery pads on PDB . Now it’s time to place FC on the frame & here is a small problem 🙂  .


When we use banded pins from the package, we aren’t able to mount top plate, because pins are to high and it simply touch the top of board (carbon is electric conductive, so we don’t want to risk any short circuit). Even if we somehow manage these pins to fit, ESC connectors will be to close to the edge of 5″ props. So our task will be to find a space for every part … I thought that the best solution is to mount ESC connectors a bit down and secure them in  a way that they won’t(with 100% sure) touch carbon parts or other pins on FC.

After couple minutes I have found a solution with simple pin wire jumpers. These pin wire jumpers fit great to ESC connectors and well secured at the middle and can be bent in every direction ( I will use this idea for my future projects ) 🙂 . We have to cut out a bit one of the side of the pin, becuase it’s to long. I prerfer to do it before I solder pins to FC.

The soldering of pins to FC goes smooth. I really like the idea of DIY- it gives you possibilty to build your own drone the way you want to, for your individual needs. If you will use leds then this is good time to solder a leds control cable at the bottom of FC ( it’s square pad , named ” led strip”).

Shiiiit , with bent ESC cables Angry Hornet looks soo ” Bad ass”, but now everything fits perfect and we are ready for next part.

Here is a video :

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