Mobius Mini Review Smallest FPV Camera 1080p 60FPS

Mobius mini is a super small action FPV camera which weight under 30G and can record 1080P 60fps !. I ordered it because I need super small / light camera to mount it on my 160size drone. So far mobius mini is not bad  but sometimes it’s really pain in the ass.



Camera will come in small white box, I think it’s really small chance that camer could be damaged in by shipping. In the box we can find accesories:

  • Camera
  • Video/charging cable
  • USB cable
  • Camera mount
  • Double strap & extra lens cover

Build quality of the camera is really good, case looks realy tought so mobius mini should handle many crashes 😉 . On the sides we can find buttons , on the back is USB port / Led / and very important this ” Reset button ” ( mobius mini freez very often so we need to carry small pin which should  fit small hole where reset button is on the right bottom corner ).

Lens is not very out of the shell so chance to scratch it is quite small, but if we are using mini mobius on the drone then good idea will be to add some protection around lens.

Working time is really short ( only 15min ! ),  I even can say that this is silly because to fully charge battery we need at least 100 minutes  😕 !. So I think best way is to charge this camera while is in use, simply power up it staright from battery or PDB by included Video/Power cable ( voltage input is quite wide 5-24V ) .

Maximium capacity of battery is only 261mah not 300mah as declared  :roll:, also battery is charged by maximally 0.22amp.

Freezing happens very very often so don’t be suprise if you turn on recording , did best fly ever with best stunts and mobius mini freez 1 sec after take off,  ofcourse video has been not recorded and you are super uber mad ( yeap I know how you feel ). This little shitty camera can even freez when you connect charger and starts to be very hot ! . I think FW in this camera is super shitty, people which are creating software for this camera should be kicked off. I had XIaomi camera 1 & 2 and I never noticed any freez, mobius mini is freezing all the time ! 👿

PC Software is not bad , to change some settings we need to connect Mobius mini to PC throught USB, yeah BT or WiFi could be very handy !. Next thing is no APP for smartphone/tablet ( well there is one but we need to buy it extra ! 👿  ) .

Video Quality is really not bad if we consider size and weight of Mobius mini, to slightly increase quality we should use MOV format ( MP4 has to big compression ). Here are my videos in MP4 format, I will upload some in MOV.

Weight is only 28g so is really not bad.

Size comparison Mobius mini vs Runcam v2 vs Xiaomi YI2

My conclucion about Mobius mini, this camera is not bad & it’s not good ( so far ). I am forced to use it because size is super small and weigt is low also can record 1080p 60fps, so this is only one camera so far ont he market which is worth attention. BUT super shitty software make my angry even when I just think about it.

Hardware is not bad , video quality is accepetable and software could be improved. If you are looking for small camera but with good video quality then Mobius mini is worth attention.

In next post I will show best video quality settings for this camera.

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