Mobile platform for monitoring selected parameters of low emissions

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Deal Score+1

Drone in duty of city guard? Why not! In Polish city Bydgoszcz, on Tuesday (25.10.2016) took place a test with the participation of drone called mobile platform for monitoring selected parameters of low emissions, which has a task to detect if someone pollutes the air burning in the oven with things not intended to. The flying laboratory has on board laser measures the concentration of dust, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and samples the smoke coming from the chimney, performs accurate measurements, then immediately performs its analysis and stores the data in the database. This device eliminates the problem of pollution from stoves which burn anything. Good Idea!


Drone parameters:
Model: Tarot T15 V2,
Engine: 8 with thrust 20 kg,
Measurement platform weight: up to 4.5 kg
Flight time: ~ 42 min. (Depending on the load and meteo conditions),
Operating range: the radius and height of GND 1000 m,
Measurement accuracy: 1 microgram / m3 and a resolution of 0.1 microgram / m3 (determining the percentage of fractions occurring in the dust).



  1. I think, for a for a small fee 😉

  2. Awesome!!! Can they send this drone to my city?

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