Military drone Tikad with gun on the board

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Tikad is new military drone with weapon on the board made by Duke Robotics Inc. Tikad  drone is called future soldier and it will replace soldiers in close future during a battles.

Israel Duke Robotics Inc comapny is collaborating with Israel goverments and the company was officially approved by Israel Ministry of Defense. But the comapny is open for investors from all over the world to support Tikad drone project. To become the part of the Isreal comapy, the potential client can invest in the project any amount of money on the official website. From the other hand , there’s an information , that  Duke Robotics Inc will work with selected clients… How it will select these clients ?No details, but it is all about the money.

For obvious reason military purpose of Tikad drone, as mercenary  , might be a conflict of the interest for Israel goverment , but the opportunity to earn a lot money might be reason that Isreal goverment will forget about it…

As we know, who has the money rules the world, so the chance to become a main client of Tikad project has that one who is ready to invest the biggest amount of money. It is not a surprise that USA army is always supporting this kind of military projects 🙂 And that’s how Tikad drone become an ally of USA army 🙂

The main goals for Duke Robotics Inc comapny and their Tikad drone project are reduction of the cost in army by replacing the number of soldiers and decreasing the life-threatening  situation , not only if we speak about soldiers, but also in case of  innocent civilians… And of course earn some money….

Tikad drone is  capable to identificate the target , monitore the terrain and  for scouting mission.  That perfect drone soldier could be also equipped by 3 types of the gun; M321A, SR/25 and M4 and shoot on the command of the operator.

Tikad military drone it’s a perfect future soldier and for some people will be an enemy , for others might be an ally. We can’t say clearly that the technolgy is bad or good. It the choice of man how it will used…



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