Little Beast Day 2 Best FPV Fun Drone Ever

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Litlerally Little Beast gives me best F.U.N ever!!!First ” serious ” damage of this drone; it was ripped off upper deck by my dog 🙂 Ofcourse I wasn’t angry on Foxy (we can say that I was kind off ” happy”, because at least there is something to fix it in this drone xD ). I hate and love this drone Why I hate??? Because I don’t want to fly other drones. What I love about this drone? Because Little Beast is a drone that I always wanted to have ” Powerful and ultra tough ” 🙂 .

Nylon spacer are super light, but also fragile, so if you have a bag of these, it’s worth to use it. Here is what left from Beast when “Drone destroyer “- Foxy has kicked its ass.

I said that 4045 props can be to much for small motors on 4s battery, but I might be wrong,so I will order 4s battery and we will see. If we talking  about battery … 3s 1000mah 30c can provide about 10-12 minutes on slow flight or 1.30-3 minutes on full throttle,so 30C is not much… We need at least 50c, because emax 1306 are super power hungry (but give great thrust).

The best 3s battery has to be 850mah 50C, 4s 600mah 60C or something close to this.

My frame is really heavy- 40 grams !If you have so good tip and you heard about 160 size frame under 30 grams please let me know.

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More info about Little Beast you can find here 

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