Little BEAST Best FPV Freestyle & Racing Small quadcopter 160 size

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Little beast is small and light fpv racing quadcopter with tones of thrust (weight with battery is about 250grams, but thrust could be even 2kg !). Honestly it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing . It should be faster than Eachine’s or Kingkong’s drone, despite that small weight.

If you want to safe some money in your pocket, but you also want to have a beast, then this drone can easily beat all Eachina/Kinkong drone. When these RTF drones give full power, the little beast is just slowly hovering behind them, but when throttle is 100% then the beast is unleashed and there is no  way to  catch up this little speeder. Great thing is that little beast is super light so it’s quite hard to damage any part, I have already crashed this drone on the rocks, trees, etc and it still looks like brand new (only lens looks like shit -it has some splashes because of crash and now  literally I can’t see shit)… Just look at this :


Here you can see Litlle Beast in 360^

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Here used parts:

Frame: Grasshopper 160

In my case frame weight is 40g (some guys has got the same frame and it’s weight is 30g), so I am not sure what is going on, but my is heavy as fuxxx. But still this is the best frame that you can get for 160 size quadcopter. It’s relatively light and crash proof ( already tested – it has hit the tree and everything is on right place ” so far “). Inside is enough space to mount all necessery stuff, also we can find some room for mini OSD and some extra leds.


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Motors: Emax RS1306 3300KV

These ones are B E A S T literally! 3300kv motors work great with kingkong 4045 props and with 3s battery.This trio gives amazing punch. For sure there are no better motors in 1306 size. I’ve crashed these motors couple times and still work like a brand new.  These Emax are power hungry, so to power them we need at least lipo 1000mah 30c or 600mah 45C battery (after the flight my battery 1000mah 30c is quite hot, so 60-90C could be best choice). Pros for these motors are: the low price, great power  and the fact that motors are super tough.

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ESCs: ZTW 18a

I am using these ESC, because they are super cheap and 18amps are good enough for mini quads on 4s battery. The best thing is that 18a are super light (5g one ESC ) and can work with pwm/oneshot/multishot.  Quality is simply great.

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Flight controller: SP Racing F3 10DOF

Standard but simply best FC. No problems at all, after couple hard crashes.

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RC controller: Turnigy TGY-i6s

 I am using new Turnigy TGY-i6s as a TX and TGY-iA6C as a receiver, because is super light and can work with digital SBUS, which is faster than PPM :). It was to tight to place a receiver, but it’s done and everything is quite consitent.

Props 3045BN / 4045 / 4040 x 3

Kingkong 4045

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This page will be update tomorrow with more info :0)

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