Lily Drone is Over

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At the beginning of Januray 2017, inventors of Lily drone announced that Lily project had failed . There won’t be a Lily drone. Customers that pre-ordered Lily are disappointed.

Lily Robotics company has appeared day by day with amazing project of waterprooof, throw and go , follow you drone with camera- Lily.  A drone market and  potential customers were waiting for Lily drone with crossed fingers from  May 2015. Lily Robotics “sold” Lily drone for 899$ for piece in pre-order. 60 thousands of people have ordered Lily drone and the company earned 34 mln of $.  At the end of 2016 on the official Facebook profile of Lily, we could read that customers can expect their drones soon. Supporters of the project were shocked when the Lily Robotics has announced that the company don’t have enough money to finish the project.

Soon after the announcement of bankruptcy, customers were assured that the money will be returned. Some of them got their money back, the others are still waiting… With sure, after almost 17 months of waiting for Lily drone, pre-order clients could be angry.

During a 17 month of the advertising campaign, we couldn’t see even a one movie recorded by Lily drone. We could only admire a really impressive promo video, which was really well done. There’s a possibility that Lily project was partly fake. All we could see was the prototype of Lily drone- a sample of a lot of promises… People that had possiblity to check Lily drone, like editor of the Guardian, could see on their own eyes that Lily drone has some serious issues and it’s not the safest drone ever… It hard not to say “It barely flies “… And it’s far from true that Lily is easy to fly and control camera drone, that will follow you wherever you will go…

There’s also a theory, that after the premiere of DJI Mavic , Lily drone has nothing special to offer for its users and only solution was to end Lily project and offer a refunds to costumers. Lily has lost its five minutes of fame 🙁 Such a shame 🙁

In e-mail , that was sent to pre- order costumers , we can read:

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