Lily drone is back !

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Is there is a chance for next generation of Lily drone after a huge disappointing final of Indiegogo project of Lily Robotics? New manufacturer of The Lily Next-Gen drone – Mota Group claims that it will be great drone and it will be selling well. I have some doubts…

After Lily’s customers spent 34 million dollars for pre-orders and  waited for 17 month for previous version of Lily drone, Lily Robotics wrote to them email:

And that’s the short story of famous Lily drone that became a SCAM… The sad true is that most of the customers still wait for the refund Lily.  More you can read here.

Mota Group is the comapny, which bought the Lily drone name and decide to continue the project. It obvious that Mota company realized that with Lily brand name they  got also its bad fame, but one as one of the buisness rules says “Is not important what they say, but the fact that they say”…

The Lily Next-Gen looks a little bit different that previous Lily drone- it has folding  like all top models on the drone market; DJI spark or DJI Mavic…It  has even similar construction. But Mota Group  decided to reduce costs and  revive Lily drone without two main features , that makes previous version so popular ; wateproof build and “just throw and go ” feature – possibility to fly after being tossed in the air.

The Lily Next-Gen will have 4K 30fps camera on the board, all follow me modes and will be capable to fly 18 minutes. It will cost 699$.

The truth is that Lily Next-Gen drone has nothing new to offer drone users. If we comapre the price of Lily Next Gen to one of the most popular drone DJI Spark, that costs about 500$, the Lily Next-Gen  drone won’t be a significant competitor…

What do you think? Will you buy Lily Next-Gen drone ?



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