Lexus uses drones in new project

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Lexus produces luxury cars, but that’s not a big discovery. Ivent children know that 🙂
But not everybody knows that Lexus uses drones to advertise their products.
Japanese company sees the potential in drone technology and that’s the reason their started collaborating with KMEL ROBOTIKS.
Result of  this cooperation is The Motion project  called SWARM.
It’s a compilation of computer animation and advanced quadrotor technology in real world.
Drons are specially designed for Lexus with extremely precisions of details. Advanced motion capture camera technology used to create this drones allow us to programme complex of movement and it’s probably the most interesting thing in this movie.
Watching this movie we have the impession that drones have personality and show emotions.

We have also oportunity to see manufacture of  new technology behind the scenes.

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