Leopard robot recalls people in London

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Leopard robot named Lily vistited Lodon with mission to make people aware that leoprads should live in their natural habitant with no force to co-exist with human.

Leopard Lily is 50 kg  RC cat robot with 40 moving parts, that mimics exactly the real leopard. Not only movements makes Lily robot close to real leoprad, the appearance is  hand made ,painted and exact copy of spots  of leopard and it’s imitating perfectly real color of this wild cat.  Lily robot is design by John Nolan.

Lily appeared on Trafalgar Square in London  to pay our attention to problem of Destructive interference of human on wild leopard life and the necessity of protect their natural environment from urbanization.

Only one “ROAR” of Lily and people were scared to death 🙂 But when they wake up, they could read on the poster below: “Leopard population declines by 95%”. According to National Geographic’s Big Cat Initiative, we can meet wild living leopards on 25 % of their historic territory.

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