Kudrone nano-drone with 4K camera and auto-follow mode for 99$ ?

Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

Kudrone is advertised as  affordable, first nano-drone with 4K camera on the board, follow me mode and GPS. Let’s check it!

It seems that Kudrone has everything that big and the most advanced drones have to offer for RC fans. Kudrone is pocket size drone , selfie drone capable to record 4K videos and auto-follow drone- all in one.

Kudrone is a one of Indiegogo projects and on pre-order you buy full set with drone for 99$ + shipment (even 16GB SD card is a part of a set!)  It’s really low price compare to possibilities that this drone gives the users.  And this time we might say that it’s affordable drone and it won’t be a bullshit 🙂

As was said before for this price we get full set, including Kudrone App, that allows us to control the drone by our smartphone.

Inventors from China  ensure that Kudrone has the same advanced technology as big well-known drones; intelligent vision sensors, GPS navigation, 3-axis gyro accelerometer, magnetic compass and even barometer. Kudrone is flying stable and hovering perfect.

Kudrone weighs 3 ounces, measures 3.7 inch and fits a hand- so with sure it’s pocket drone.

Kudrone is capable to record video with 4K resolution and take a panoramic photo thanks to 360° spin  or 3280×2464 px photos. So yes it seems to be perfect selfie drone 🙂

Kudrone is capable to fly for 8 minutes- it’s not a great score, but we need to remember that it’s small drone and … really cheap… So we can forgive that 🙂

More specifications you can find here:

You can also compare Kudrone to the other drones on the market:

And at the end I’ve got question:

Does It Sound Too Good To Be True?

We hope it’s not another fake drone like LILY…

  1. OK, you do know $99 is only for early backers right? Normal MSRP is $189. Would that price put it more in line with it’s listed features?

    Seems like all the negative thoughts I’ve read from folks harp on this one detail but preorder specials are the norm on IndieGoGo.


    • My thoughts from last comments for users with similar questions:
      Check ONAGOfly drone history and good luck with kudrone which is 3x cheaper and has 5x better technology. Yeah right …

      Kudrone ” HAD ” over 740 000$ frome corwdfunding because as far as I can see. They already spent around 20-40% for aggressive advertising Kudrone around google ads, 30-50% is development ( shell / electronics / forms for mass production ), 90-130% is a cost of parts / 3-10% salary for employees.
      So as far as I can see this is unprofitable.
      * I considered a price 100$ per drone with at least 10 000 already pre sold.

      To make kudrone real with all claimed features like object tracking which needs kind of AI ( artifact inteligence ), also with at least 2s battery and brushless motors. Price should be around 400-500$( for crowdfunders price could be 30-100$ less). Remember that we are speaking about micro dorone which can fit a pocket BUT with features taken from DJI MAVIC PRO

      For now kudrone will good like donut from last month.

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