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KUDRONE nano drone with 4K GPS Follow me is one BiG Juicy Scam /Fraud !  There is no technology under 100$ in this world to make this project alive. Why am I sure that this is a BULLSHIT and buyers will be ripped off?  I’ve got 4 years experience in building drones, I know how things work. Do you remember ZANO drone with similar spec ? Yeah it was crowdfunding FAIL and in 2017 we got same situation, where small drone named KUDRONE has the same amazing features like DJI Phantom 4 for 1000$ !!! But let me explain why KUDRONE can’t exist.

Motors & weight

The first things, which you will notice, are small shining silver motors- these are old, inefficient 8520 brushed version. When you look at spec of Kudrone,  you can see that it has 650mah battery, weight 85g and can fly 8 minutes… WHAT A BULLSHIT ! My the best micro racing drone Lantian LT105 with the same motors and weight under 45 grams can’t fly longer than 4min ! With weight 85g , Kudrone can fly around 1-2minutes without GPS, video recording and FPV video transmission to your smartphone.

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4K recording and FPV video transmission through Wifi

I can’t say with  100% sure, that Kudrone is not recording  video at 4k, but this video will look like garbage due to super small sensor of small KUDRONE. Of course, you can say that your smartphone has got also small camera and can record 4k , BUT cheap 4k video sensor with  processor which can render/record 4k video cost at least 50$ straight from manufacturer !

The next thing is video transmission to your smartphone with 720p video quality. The same technology  has DJI Phantom 3 or DJI Phantom 4 … A stand alone system for drones costs about 300$ ! Moreover, if you want to transmit fpv video to your smartphone with 720p quality, we need 3 times bigger amount of power, than to record video with 4k resolution due to huge amount of processing.

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Built-in battery of Kudrone is 3,7V 1s 650mah and if we turn on all features like 4K , GPS , stable hovering and FPV video transmission then this drone can’t fly longer than 20sec , maybe 10 😉 BUT it can’t work, because battery can’t provide such amperage !!!

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Can Kudrone really exist ?

Yes, but the price will be over 1500$ and drone will be 2x bigger ( at least ). It will also need at least Snapdragon 820 processor, which is used in  Samsung Galaxy S6,  to make all these features working at once with medium lag. The battery for that drone should be 7,2v 1000mah and it will give the user opportunity to fly for about 3-5 min .

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Can you find similar drones which actually exsist ? Sure !

These drones exsists and got positive reviews, ofcourse you can find on board 4k / follow me / apple & android compatybility / brushless motors / super easy to use thanks to GPS & sonic sensors.

Feima Robotics J.ME is a rocket , maybe camera quality is not the best ever but it has built in micro gimbal and obstacle avoidance. Read more about it here : http://fpv.tv/feima-robotics-j-4k-selfie-drone-obstacle-avoidance-gimbal/

Also Wingsland or zeerotech are great drones, if you need any help just post a comment and I will reply to it.

Zerotech or wingsland will be great choice ! BUT if you want more than 6min flight time then go with DJI mavic pro. Price for mavicis quite high but this is one of the best ” small size ” drones with 25min flight time uber 4K video quality, also is super easy to controll : DJI Mavic Gearbest

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DroneGirl spot Kakudrone first

Thank you my Dear @rzesa87 :*

Kudrone nano-drone with 4K camera and auto-follow mode for 99$ ?

DON’T GET RIPPED OFF YOU WILL BUY BRICK FOR 100$ > https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/kudrone-4k-camera-nano-drone-with-gps-auto-follow-drone#/

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Why I am doing it ?!

I belive that as a Drone specialist this my duty to save other unexprienced users form some kind of scam garbage like this. Maybe next time someone else will save my ass.

Pis and love you All.


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My action Update

Update 16.03.2017

Spread the word , so far 1297 backers will lost $146,582 . This is madness !, new people keep joining to this fraud !


Update 17:03.2017

Spread the word , so far 1663 backers will lost $190,245 . Still can’t believe that people are buying it, is it the best profitable scam in 1st half of 2017 ?


Update 17:03.2017

I tried to post messages about this fraud on Kudrone facebook page and under video trailer on youtube but Kudrone team banned me … . So I am feeling right now like Don Quixote but where is my Sancho Panza. I can’t win this war alone, so be my Sancho Panza guys & spread the word about this Scam.

Update 18:03.2017

So far 2072 backers will lost $240,427 .

Lets add some clues, on kudrone map we can see that at februray 2017 they got 1000 test units, BUT no one ever seen them, there is no actually sample video or drone review by devs. Users still buying this scam, even when end of this story is obvious.  Also notice that some big magazines/websites promote this drone as a great idea, this is also pomp selling for this scam.

Update 21.03.2017

So far 4067 backers will lost $454,151 .

Today Kudrone developers gave me a qool gift and roll out most ubelivable / silly projext update ever.

Read more about it here

Kudrone 4k Nano Drone Biggest Scam in 2017 It CAN’T Fly Part 2

Update 21.03.2017

So far 4807 backers will lost $530,158.

James add great comment:

I am not a guy who will change mind due to some impuls, I said what I said because I spent couple hours to search if there is really some kind of new technology & how kudrone could really works today. I am still sure that this drone will not fly longer than 10 seconds with all claimed features turned on, moreover end product in 99%  will be far from user expectance.

If specification of kudrone could be different like: Brushless motors / 2s 7,4V 800mah battery / Price around 250$ with over 1 000 000$ in preorders then Kudrone could be a true for me. But so far I see big pomp in google ads around this drone, no deep review/test just short clips & where could be a profit for developers if ads and parts/development are really expenisve ?


Update 29.03.2017

So far 7128 backers will lost $859,990 .

Here is a good article exposed other details which I didn’t consider : http://www.droningon.co/2017/03/26/kudrone-crowd-funder-using-false-advertising-indiegogo/

More will come

  1. Hey man, great review! I was just about to contribute to kudrones cause when I ran into this article. I’ve got a quick question for you since you seem to know quite a bit about drones. I’m a musician looking to start the process of learning to shoot music videos and have been in the market for a drone with 4k video quality. For someone like myself on a budget, what are some of the cheaper drones out there with 4k capabilities? Thanks for any help in advance!

  2. Hi,
    first of all thank you very much for your alert: I don’t know much about drones and I was thinking to contribute to the crowfuning for the Kudrone, but now I will spend my money in a better way!
    As you have a big knowledge of drones, I wanted to ask your opinion about another Indiegogo project named “SELFLY CAMERA”: what do you think about it? Could it be a bull shit like kudrone or not?
    Thank you very much!

  3. I will search for more frauds like this one

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