Kudrone 4k Nano Drone Biggest Scam in 2017 It CAN’T Fly Part 2

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This time developers of Kudrone released two video where we can see how stable is this drone and how good built in camera is. For my suprise Kudrone developers just shown that this is a trully fake, ofcourse I am glad because more users will open their eyes and will not buy this drone. New two videos from Kudrone developers you can find in fold ” Updates ” on indiegogo crowdfundig page. One video is with flight test and second is with video sample,Β  and I can say only OMG , how silly dev has to be to public that kind of garbage.

How stable is Kudrone

Drone with GPS and Sonic sensor should be stable as Fuck, it can’t change height or drift by it self when stabilization is on because GPS prevents to drift left/right front/back up/down and sonic sensor at the bottom increase rapidly accuracy to hold position at one height to even couple milimeters. But on video creted by developers you can see that Kudrone is flying around like cheap toy without any kind of extra stabilization.

Here is my old test with small/medium size drone with turned on GPS mode (Β This is how developers should show that drone is super stable, not by showing some poor girl which can’t even control a uncontrollable drone )

Old ARdrone 2.0 without built in GPS but with sonic sensor is Uber stable ( I owned this drone long time ago, and it was super stable , like most cheap drones with GPS) :

So if we turn on SONIC sensor and GPS at the same time then should it be rock solid ?!. Ofcourse it should, so do you think now that kudrone is rock solid ? πŸ™„ Β .

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4K sample from Kudrone or maybe not from Kudrone

I will start with hahahaha πŸ˜† . As you have seen in last video how unstable is Kudrone drone then in next you can be a witness of miracle. This footage taken by Kudrone on board camera is super stable and it’s just rotatnig a bit left & right. Because some idiot hold some camera in a hand at one height and just move it left & right. OMG I still got this silly smile on my face whenΒ  I see it.

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My video about about this Kudrone Scam ” Part 2 “

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You can actually buy exsisting 4k selfie drones

These drones exsists and got positive reviews, ofcourse you can find on board 4k / follow me / apple & android compatybility / brushless motors / super easy to use thanks to GPS & sonic sensors.

Feima Robotics J.ME is a rocket , maybe camera quality is not the best ever but it has built in micro gimbal and obstacle avoidance. Read more about it here : http://fpv.tv/feima-robotics-j-4k-selfie-drone-obstacle-avoidance-gimbal/

Also Wingsland or zeerotech are great drones, if you need any help just post a comment and I will reply to it.

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Part one of my investigantion about Kudrone Scam


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Why I am doing it ?!

I belive that as a Drone specialist this my duty to save other unexprienced users form some kind of scam garbage like this. Maybe next time someone else will save my ass.

Pis and love you All.


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  1. I was one of the first purchasers and I have received it. And its a pile of crap, doesnt manage to hover and even fly correctly. On take off all it does is bounce off stuff and run the battery out in 3 mins.

    You live and your learn, if it looks cheap and it is cheap, well its cheap!

  2. well just got mine in today. It is oct 2017 the unit looks sturdy and well made, but the operation and software are useless. this is not what the developers make it out to be. It is a scam…

  3. As the worlds most awesome drone expert (any one can claim to be an expert) I say wait and see. It is only $100 and if you are flying drones $100 is not much money. If you are realy an expert then show your drones and the footage you have.

  4. Thanks! I thought this seemed to good to be true at this price. Searched for reviews and found that most people were just repeating what the Kudrone crowdfunding site stated. I’ll hold on to my money this time!

  5. Seriously I give you huge amount of thanks for being so detailed in breaking down this scam. All of the so-called reviews that Kudrone mention do nothing but repeat Kudrone’s press sheet. I did not read a single word of a reviewer actually getting to test their product.

    • Thank you , it means a lot for me.
      On kudrone roadmap we can find that, they got already 1000 test drone , but on one ever seen it …. .
      I am sorry that you been scammed by onago, but now you got new experience & this time you are much smarter/careful so you will never again buy a scam.


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