Kingkong Motor Protection Cover for Drones Is it worth to use it ? Review

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Plastic motor protection covers are very useful because can save your motor from damage but will increase weight of a drone, so is it worth it ? . I bought cheap Kingkong protection covers for 220x motors to check it out.

Covers will come in a bag


In the bag we can find 4 covers and 16 screws, quality is really impressive also worth to mention that covers are super stiff so should protects motors very well. Thickness is about 2 mm.

Weight is only 8grams for all covers, but metal screws are pretty heavy but fits perfect to 4mm thickness frame and rs2205.

This is how cover looks with GEPRC TX CHimp

Is it worth it , sure it is. If super cheap and light cover can save my motors from damage then ” Shut up and take my money ” xD


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