Kingkong 210GT Fast review and photo gallery

KingKong is growing quite fast and 210GT shows us that this company can creat good quality drones. When I received 210GT I was impressed about included ESC bootloader and beeper but also how good quality is this drone. I didn’t find any items which can be reaped out at first crash so it’s simply great. After first flight I though it’s good drone ( at least much better tha other racing drones in simillar price ) , but after tune some settings in FC/ESC I can say it’s a LEGIT racing drone which can some smile on your face ! 🙂  .

The box


Extra included in the box: ESC bootloader / 20 props / cables/ zippers tapet etc…

Simple charger for 2s and 3s battery

Here is kingkong 210GT , I love green light under all ESC ( it looks like christmas tree 😉 ). Drone is really tough and light weight.

FPV system is working great, on board we can find CCD camera and 600mw 40 channels transmitter

Battery in the box is 3s 1300mah and can provide about 2-8 minutes flight time but we can esily fit 1500 or even 2200mah 3s battery.

Weight is quite low compare to used parts

I installed Runcam v2 because this camera is lightweight and if you use a simple package spong you will don’t see any jello effect ! yeaaaah it’s working way better than simple ani jello plate and also can protect camera from being crushed. I added double tape between top/bottom camera and a start to tight all set.

Size comparison

Overally I love this drone, it’s my racing drone no. 1 so far, dont feel any dfference between sp F3 and cc3d ( it’s really stable )

More videos and pics will come


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