JJRC H6W FPV Mini Drone Great choice for FPV Beginners

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JJRC H6W is a great FPV drone for beginners. FPV latency is quite low so it’s great quad to practice first FPV flights. My first impression was ” WOW it looks great, but the same like other drones”. After a first use I have noticed that I was wrong. This drone is much better than other drones in this price. First pros is a super stable flight even in windy day, second -FPV latency is super low and it’s crash proof.

In the box we will find standard set: drone, rc transmitter, phone holder, protective frame, battery charger,spare props, prop remover & manuals.

JJRC H6W looks really good and tough. There is not big difference between well known Hubsan H107D and H6W. Great thing is that we can use the same parts from husban mini drones- motors and props can, coz it’s similar model. So service is quite cheap. I  have aready crashed it a few times and it’s tough drone ! (drone  has felt down from sky,  when I was flying about 20 m under the grund and has no scratch 🙂 ) .

Lights look just awesome ,but we can easily turn them off using transmitter.

Here is a size comparison  ( black one is UDI Free Loop U27 )

The video distance for JJRC H6W is about 100meters. For first 10 meters FPV latency is about 100-300 ms, but for every next 10 meters it’s increasing for about 100 ms- so latency is super low comapre to to other drones like parrot, where video lag is about 2 seconds . Of course I have tested it on difference devices and video latency was always low. Manufacturers always say that video lag it’s smartphone’s fault, but H6W shows that is not true. Usually I fly 5.8ghz FPV, where video signal is instant. When I was flying JJRC H6W I was able to fly just on FPV without watching a drone. Of course I have noticed the video lag but it’s flyable. I tested paarot drones ( AR 2.0 and bebop ) and lag was so big, that without watchig a drone on the sky I wasn’t able to fly safe. Funny thing is that WiFi antenna is quite big for this size of the drone. ( it looks like half of the size of the drone xD ).

Video latency test for JJRC H6W

The standard battery for JJRC H6W is 1s 3,7V 380mah, but there is a lot of space, so we can easily fit bigger battery like 500 mah. As you can see I am able to use 450 mah battery and it fits perfect. The flight time on 380 mah battery is about 5-7 minutes on 450 mah I am able to fly about 8 minutes.

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  1. Hi! Which Android app do you use???


  2. You say you can find spare battteries for the jjrc h6w?
    I was unable to find some higher then the 380mAh
    I would like to have some 500mAh where can I find this and what battery would fit?

    Thank you

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