Is drone weight important ?

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Let’s imagine that we have built a perfect racing  drone, that looks amazing and we are happy everytime when we are flying it or when we are looking at it. But what if drone has not enough power, the flight time is to short or everytime we crash something needs a replacement? We are getting angry. This is right time to ask ourself: “Did we build this drone right way!?”

Gold rule when we build a racing drone says ” Try to reduce weight as much as possible”. The one of the most important element is the size of the frame. If we want to build a racing drone we should consider to buy 200-280mm frame size and fit into it 5″ props( 5040). The weight difference depends on the type or the producer. For example: 200mm frame size can weight 50g ( Diatone ET200 ),Diatone ET 200but for frame 280mm ( Trot TL280C 280mm )  weight is 150g!.image tl208cChoosing a lighter frame will decerase the weight of drone for about 100g and that will increase the flight time and agility for 30%.

What about durability, so more crash proof should be lighter frame coz drone is much lighter also we can use lighter battery , flight time with smaller battery should be same comparing to heavier/bigger drone with bigger battery. Ofcourse big frames like ZMR250 or RoboCat280 are much more durable than Diatone ET200 but something has to break we when crash especialy when weight is much bigger and mostly it’s a motor or arm.

But here is a one big true, when we crash there is no matter how big drone we have. The matter is how much $ we have to spend to rebuild it 😉 .

The frame is very important , but it’s good to remeber about cables. We should short them , as much it’s possible or reduce. Reducing numbers of cables also reduce the weight of drone. Good solution is a ” Power distribution board” .
The next important thing is the weight of the camera. For example GoPro Black weights 88g, a RunamCam 2 HD 49g.

If you want to use FPV system , you should choose a light transmitter ( 600mw/200mw that weights 15g) .
If you consider the above tips, you should be happy to build fast and strong race drone. Do not pay much attention to the external appearance of drone. The most important thing is speed and your smile when you are flying created by you drone.

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