International Battle of Robots – Robot Industry of 2017

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Most of people afraid of robots, especially if  we’re talking about AI… But we have to take into consideration the fact that it won’t stop worth billions of $ robot market. The obvious thing is that era of robots is coming whether we like it or not. Two aspects that worries us the most are:

  • Robots will become perfect tool of war and people won’t have chance to fight with it
  • Robots  will replace people in work, because robots can fulfilled tasks faster and more particular then human

Is it a price that humanity will have to pay for the development? Is it a next part of evolution?

We already can watch the beggining of robots era. International battle of robots starts from USA- famous Goggle robots from Boston Dynamics. After USA other politically active countries like Russia, Japan or China are creating their own robots.

USA and Boston Dynamics Robots Story

Boston Dynamics is the most advanced a institute of robots in the world from USA. It’s not a secret that their projects are supported by DARPA US Army, Goggle or Sony Corporation. Their “fame” started from Altas – strong humanoid robot and Cheetah robot- the fastest robot in the world, but was a begining. Robots from Boston Dynamics are manually perfect and strong,but aren’t AI yet. Robots from Boston Dynamics can fulfill the task with precision, can react in defined programmed way and communicate with user. This all actions are possible thanks to on-board computer and sensors. But engineers from Boston Dynamics are working on AI and in the future robot will be autonomous and capable to make an own decision.

In the Boston Dynamics  website we can also find robot with military purpose like BigDog capable to explore extreme terrains with heavy loads and research robots as RiSE or RHex that will be used for scout actions, in a situation of threat to human life like explosive charges or impossible to reach by human places. RiSe robot is comapct, small robot – 3kg, but its main feature is ability to climb verticaly on the walls. RHex is a specialist robot, ready to explore everykind of hard terrain as mud, sand , rocks or other wet conditions – unstoppable.

Russian military robot FEDOR

First advanced robot from Russia is called FEDOR. FEDOR is humanoid robot and  we can easily compare it to ATLAS from Boston Dynamics. Anyone who interests a bit about international politics, knows that USA and Russia are opponents. Combat readiness in case of war is a normal thing and as was said before human have no chance with robot, so military robot is obvious plan to survive.

When couple months ago FEDOR robot appeared on Youtube, it was said that is robot created with thought of exploring the space. The officially purpose of Russian robot was disputed very fast, after premiere of new video with FEDOR, which showed  skills of the robot, including driving a car… Do we drive a car in space? I don’t think so.
Now FEDOR Russian robot is officially military robot and Russian government confirmed that this project is supported by Russian army.

Japan Robot Industry

Japan industry is on really high level if we speak about robots. The technology in Japan developed very fast and it’s not going to slow down. The flagship robot of JApan is Honda ASIMO humanoid robot. When you look at this robot it’s hard to say that it’s scarry. It’s more like friendly robot, that will help in real life- robo friend 🙂 that will bring a glass of water. Asimo robot is incredibly mobile- it can run , jump , dance and even move the fingers the exact way as human.

In Japan you can even rent a room in a hotel , where whole personnel are robots- from the recepcion till service room.

Another part of Japan robot industry are gigant robots created  for battles. It’s an international enterteiment, that China and USA already have joined. Japan Gigant Robots Battles is the most popular comeptition with robots as a part in the world, but there are also less popular smaller robots fights – more native attraction. It’s hard to say that aspect of gigant robot fights are not impressive, because robots from SCi-Fi movie became a reality. Not only fans of Transformers are excited. Inside of gigant robot is a cocpit for human  operator and the second one to sniper.

In 2015 team of USA came with their Megabot and challenged the team from Japan – Suidobashi Heavy Industries and their robot KURATAS. Both robots are human piloted robots and have weapon on the board.

CEO of Suidobashi Heavy Industry liked the idea said that “Giant robots are Japanese culture. Yeach I will fight. Absolutely”.

We still wait for the official date of the battle, but in this year China joined the competition with their gigant robot called  “The Monkey King” robot and is challenging for duel MegaBot.

As far as I know team from Japan, USA and China haven’t wasted any of opportunity to promote their robots on events and get as much money as possible to finance their project. Megabot from USA was looking for sponsors on KICKSTARTER to pimp up their gigant robot. Hope to see this battle soon.

Will robot conquer our world? Not yet 🙂 The truth is that we won’t stop this industry, but we can use robots in positive way – to make our life easier 🙂 Bad aspect of robots domination is the fact that the biggest manufacturers in the word replace human workers with robots. The reason is obvious- economy. Robots are more effective, won’t get tired and are cheaper. But this a topic for another article… That I will write with pleasure in close future and share my thoughts with you. “Robot” – friend or foe?

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