InterDrone 2017 – New drones are coming ?

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As every year in Las Vegas InterDrone Show is opportuninty for drone company to announce their new inventions for drone society. Some of these companies came with new drone models, but others came with their  old , good known drone from the past year.   InterDrone 2017  can be called an event of bigger industrial drones, because this types of drones was a lot. So which one did pay the most attention of participants of InterDrone Show?

1. Let’s start from Yuneec- it’s the second ranking drone company after DJI. Yuneec showed their new  six-rotor Yuneec H520 . It’s the latest powerful drone created with thought of industrial use;  inspection , reaserch, mapping… To fit industrial needs , H520 will e controlled  by special APP and there will e possibility to choose  the type of camera suitable for the purpose among these three:

– E90 camera with wide angle high resolution , sensitive sensor and fast proccessor for mapping or rescue, capable to record 4K 60fps videos,

-The CGOET  camera with dual lenses , capable to record two independent  videos , night vision system and the thermal imaging

-E50 camera  for critical inspection of cell towers or cinetamic purpose capable to record 4K 30fps, similiar to E90, but with smaller lens and recording resolution is a bit worse

All cameras comes with a 3-axis gimbal and 360° rotation feature. It’s hard not to say, that the most important part of this drone is camera. But to be honest if look at the H520 drone and the whole concept, everything seems to be similar to the DJI Matrice 600 drone from 2016…  Next inspiration on the drone market? Let’s call it like this …The only hope for H520 will the price- about 3500$ with E90 camera, so it’s lower then DJI Matrice 600 that costs 4,999$ without camera…

2. And if we speak about DJI copies, couple days a ago we wrote about GDU O2 – cheaper DJI Mavic copy.  GDU O2 was also presented at InterDrone Show 2017. GDU O2 is really nice folded drone with 4K Camera and axis Gimbal, Obstacles Avoidance System, 7km of control and Video Transmission range, that costs only $732.00 … Have a look, it’s like DJ Mavic brother…

3. To the innovation  of InterDrone 2017, we can call “Any Drone”. Any drone is  made Prodrone company and it’s a fresh concept of attached arms with motors , ESC, and propellers to the object used as a frame and made capable to fly. In case of InterDrone this object was a chair.

Is it a good idea to fly sitting on  chair with “Any drone” arms? Well, if you love your limbs… NO! Powerul motors and props without protection and human body are bad combination… But for now the maxium weight of the lifted obejct is 15 kg, so for now we can exclude adult human with stupid idea to fly 🙂 But if you will use “Any drone ” to transport something it might be good idea. Actually,  the technology used in Any Drone is really advanced- Wifi connection between FC and arms. “Any drone” is an innovation idea- the concept is intersting , the purpose is … Maybe you will figure out something 🙂

4. PRODRONE PD6B is a huge drone from Japan with industrial purpose. PRODRONE PD6B is not only huge powerful drone , ready to lift a heavy 20 kg payload , but it’s first drone with two robotics arms on the board. You just grab the payload and fly 🙂 It’s not fresh idea, we could see PRODRONE with robotics arms on Youtube in 2016, but it was also a one of presented drones at InterDrone Show.

5. A Robotic System from Australia showed its huge, made of carbon, industrial Titan MkV drone. Titan MkV is a  modular drone with detachable arms and detachable payload system ,  suitable for user needs. An Australian accent finish the Interdrone Show drone marathone at

This time Interdrone show didn’t bring a huge sensations and it’s hard to say, that we found phenomenal drones. Of course Intel drone show is not only the drones., but also an applications for drones, controll system or LED…But for these innovation we will add separate article soon.


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