Intel Drone Save Polar Bears in Arctic

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Intel drones were largery known as drones form the light shows. But this time Intel drone has another important task then entertaiment… This higher goal is to help polar bears in the Arctic. Due to the fact that our climate is warming up and  temperatures are higher, glaciers  are melting and the natural enviroment of wild living animals there is destroying . Because of that  degradation polar bears are endangered species . It’s possible that our children will know them only from books, if we won’t help them.

Intel drone expedition with Ole Liodden- photographer and founder of  Polar Bear and Human Project wants to alarm the world that changes in the Artic are real. Special expedition ship with special drone on the board traverses the Arctic Ocean in Svalbard Norway. This research drone  is Falcon™ 8+ and it’s used to monitore the situation from the sky, in this hard to explore enviroment. Falcon™ 8+  drone is powerful drone designed for special missions  and challenging environments, so it’s perfect tool for Artic Ocean expedition.

Falcon™ 8+  documents the situation , using  three cameras : very advanced The Sony Alpha 7R-  4K camera with very sensitive sensor, ready to catch every detail and two thermal cameras mounted in parallel on the automatic gimbals. Polar bears are very hard to find- white coat of bears is almost invisible on the snow, a specially from the long distance. Drone is using thermovision  system, it’s capable to fly closer to the glacier and explore better hard-to-reach terrain.

The Intel mission is very important and shows how climate changes impact for living there animals. In case of polar bears is “be or not to be”. The population of polar bears is decreasing every year and our duty is to protect these animals.

Intel expedition based on drone technology is not the first kind of animal rescue mission. Drones were also used in rescue missions in Africa-; to defend the rhinos and elephants from poachers. The intel drone mission is also a great example of using drones in important cases and the proof that technology of drones can help to make world a better place.

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