Innovation of drones in TED by Raffaello D’Andrea

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Once again Raffaello D’Andrea in next episode of TED will try to convince us that quadcopters are machines of the future with a huge potential.

Today technology of drones is an industry worth multi billion of dollars with multifunctional use in many different areas of life; in aerial photography, journalist, inspection, environmental monitoring, delivery and many more. But technology of drones is at the beginning of the path of splendor and it develops day by day. In this episode Raffaello D’Andrea from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich will show the progress that has been made in the technology of flying robots and will present a variety of modern solution.

In institute in Zurich technologists develop new control architectures and algorithms to eliminate the limitation as the wind or jerk. The aircraft could be thown away with a large force and it still will be flying and getting back to desirable position. Drones are became more intelligent and antonomous. Flying quadcopters are using new localization technology – no external cameras, only intelligent sensors on the board. Thanks to that technology drones determine the actions independently without complicated commands.

The study shows that construction of flying machines doesn’t have to be complicated and there is no need to use a lot of mechanical parts. Decreasing the quantity of parts is useful; it’s cheap, makes the process of production shorter and easier and reduces the size and weight of quadcopter. This idea is adopted from the past and shows that it’s possible to fly with only one moving part- a simple propeller. The construction should be simple ,the key to success is electronic brain. The one propeller machines can be easily combinated with each other and then it will create a one quadcopter. Adrea D’Raffaello explain that drones , which will become a part of human life should be safe. So if something goes wrong; engine falls, battery or props, quadcopter will not fall down.

 A innovation of symetric housing built of thin stamens surranding the drone (in this case around octocopter) gives an extraoridinary capability to move anywhere it wants in space with a free possibilty of the rotation and  the option of soft landing.

New technologies are perfect field for aesthetic impressions.  Even a small quadcopters, in a size of slice of bread, can be rich of a lot of algorytms and electronics , which will give them a lot of new feature as;  finding itself in the space , fly autonomus and shine bright like a diamond.

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