I.F.O passenger drone from the Jetsons ;)

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I.F.O is a concept of the next passenger drone, that reminds the vehicle from famous animated sitcom produced by Hanna-Barbera- the Jetsons 🙂

I.F.O has real chances to be a future vehicle that might drive you to work or for shopping. I.F.O.  has typical UFO shape and reminds a flying saucer. I.F.O. i s planned to be two-seat drone, powered by eight electric engines, capable to fly for 70 minuts with maximum speed of 120 m/h. To get in to cockpit of I.F.O drone , the passenger will use elevator and to land I.F.O drone will spread out its legs, that will be folded during a flight .

Despite it is a concept of future transport, example of Ehang 184 passenger drone shows that it has a big chance to become reality 🙂 George Jetson would be proud to fly I.F.O and make Cosmo Spacely jelous 🙂

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