Hubsan H501S weird pads under motors

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I have just  received a new Hubsan H501S and I’ve noticed that two motors weren’t being mounted on the center as you can see on these photos (motors almost rub against the housing ).

When I’ve opened a case I was shocked that only under two motors are pads ( two pads under each motors ).On the others motors there were no pads.

These pads have tilted left front motor and right back motor from the correct position – the center. Because of this, the drone seems to be unstable. I can’t find any sensible use for these pads. The Funniest thing is that someone glued these pads to motors.

I’ve decided to remove these pads. After the removing this weird pads, motors are now in the right position (on the center) and it look like this :


The visibilty difference (before and now)

Now my H501s flies bit more stable or maybe this is just a placebo:)  I have no idea what is purpose for these mysterious pads, maybe you can help me solve this ?



  1. Just guessing: maybe in production state they check whether propeller’s pin/screw is vertical (each plastic frame has slightly different shape). If not, they balance the motor by pads -even it looks odd it may be hepful. Of course the production engineer could make mistake and put the pads improperly. This is why after removing them your H501F flies better 🙂

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