Hubsan H501s my Opinion after long of use

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My first impression of this drone was ” It’s too cheap to be good” . After two months of using this drone, I can say it’s good drone and it’s worth every penny, of course it has some cons like really bad camera and bad quality motors which making lots of vibrations ( that’s why we can see jello effect on recorded videos ).

Pros for H501s:
For under 300$ we have RTF FPV drone with gps and follow me
Fail safe feature which helps back your drone to home when something goes wrong
Fly time more than 25minutes is really something 🙂
Camera can recdord 1080p videos and makes photos
After few small crashes everything work good
Super fast FPV signal ( low latency )

What I really don’t like:
Camera: Old nokia 3310 can record better videos xD ( maybe is not that bad but could be much better )
Motors: I really don’t know how they pass quality check. In my H501s only motor was working smoth ( now is working like others :/ ) . Motors make lots of vibrations due to bad bearings.
Jello effect is visible but this is motors fault.
Sometimes behaviour of H501s is weird. In mid fly when everyhing works fine H501s can starts to shakes to left/right side and after 2 sec. back to normal. I am sure this some issue with firmware.
Manaul mode is not real manual mode, we still don’t have full control of the drone so flips are not possible.
Atti mode : DON’T use it otherwise you will have this issue :

This drone could be best choice for begginers cause it cheap, can fly autonomously and long range is a cherry on cake 🙂 . Overall I like H501s, couple times I lost video signal and /or my TX was turned off in mid flight due to low batteries but always my drone back safe to home in one piece.

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