Hubsan H501s Long Range Mod Easy way

Deal Score+7
Deal Score+7

Long range mod for hubsan H501S can easily increase FPV distance to 2000 meters. This mod can do every beginner, cause it’s really a small chance that something can go wrong. I will try in this article show you step by step how to do it.

What do we need :
hubsan h501s long range mod 11

2 x screw driver ( slotted and phillips )

2 x RP-SMA Female To U.FL IPX 1.13

1 x FPV 5.8ghz antenna RP-SMA male

1 x Signal 2.4ghz antenna RP-SMA male

Good quality set ready to install

At first use phillips screw driver and open a remote control

hubsan h501s long range mod 12

Now we see two black cables connected to antennas.

hubsan h501s long range mod 13

And this is a tricky part to disconnect them. Be very gentle and don’t use to much power cause it’s easy to damage the socket ( Do NOT pull the cable cause this is the easiest way to damage a socket or even break an electronic plate , a socket is quite tight so be patient ). To do disconnect cable I am using a slotted screw driver .

Now we can remove old antennas and start drilling holes for new ones. At first try mark a point on the middle, then drill a hole. At the beginning I am using a drill to make a small hole, later I am using a small kitchen knife to enlarge the hole ( just put blade inside the hole and rotate it , for me it’s best way cause I can easy manage how big hole I need.)

When we are done just screw on RP-SMA cable to housing

Now connect cables to mainboard

Close housing , screw on 4 screws and it’s done.

This mod is really easy to mange and it’s worth to try, cause hubsan can easily rich huge- distance 2000meters ( quite impressive for drone at this price )

If you know some other mods or even same as I did please submit it on FPVtv it will help this community growing – Submit Post on FPVtv


  1. You kids are truly IDIOTS!

    Did you ever think of using WIKIPEDIA for unbiased info about this type of radio (aka: RADAR) signal? Well, radar bounces off objects, right? Wifi sure does and this is over TWICE that frequency. So for GROUND RANGE, what do you expect for distance if signal will bounce off of grass, rocks, snow, water, etc? Did you at least put the drone on top of a non-metal surface, like a picnic bench? Does your drone have an EXTERNAL ANTENNA? You could drill a hole in the arm under the clip Hubsan has it locked into, drop it out the bottom and when above your head, that should easily up the range! Do the motors make RF noise? Yeah, so that will shorten range and inject noise into the picture, did you add FILTERING CAPS? Also, WHY can’t you fly more than 100′ away, child? You can fly it 1000′ away, it has GPS and automatic RTH, turn off the radio and see! You could go take a SH|T and it will be waiting for you when you come back outside, provided the batteries were sufficient to RTH. “Captcha” says “I’m not a robot” but the Hubsan IS and it doesn’t need you!

    FIRMWARE and BINDING have nothing to do with FPV range nor quality. If you can’t use small handtools nor solder, then STFU and live with it, you should have factored that in before buying cheap Chinese toys.

  2. I am using this!

    My range for FPV sucks now. I can’t get it past 30m and it cuts out. I tried switching frequencys and nothing helps. I checked the connections and everything looks fine. What do you think is the problem? Really sucks that I can’t fly it more than 100 feet out. :-p I did update the drone and controller with the new firmware. Also Frequency 5840 does not work for me at all. Just a black screen.

    • Do you see OSD like drone battery voltage or is just black and you don’t see nothing? .
      Also can you check video signal on other FPV receiver like goggle or monitor ?.

      • Ok, like I said. I took it away from my home and had vast improvement. I believe it has to be my wifi signal, or something. I was able to get the drone up to 250m high, but only 300m out before signal started cutting out from the FPV.

        I believe the antenna that controls movement would allow me to go 1000m or more, but the FPV antenna is just no good. So I am going to get this one you recommend.

        Hope that gets me to the golden 1000m mark. Not that I would actually ever really need to go that far with it, but it would be cool. :-p

      • I can see the Drone Battery Voltage, and all the information is displayed on the FPV. I can see everything, and the signal is strong when I am close. Everything works fine, until I start to walk away and get about 100 feet away from it. I even tried putting the old FPV antenna back on, and its doing the same thing. I hope I didn’t break it somehow. I get a picture from my drone, but when I walk away it starts to get a lot of interference and goes black, but all the OSD stays on the screen.

        I tried rebinding the done as well and nothing has worked so far. Could it be interference from something in my home? My wifi signal maybe? I am going to go out in a field and test that today and get back to you. I hope it is something simple like that. I only get a picture of my drone on two frequencies now. It’s in the upper 5800 range.

  3. Hello everyone, I really need some help please… I just bought the Hubsan but I’m guessing they have upgraded their controller since this has been made. The FPV port no longer has the slot for the antenna cord to plug into. What can I do since it don’t have the port? The normal antenna has it but not FPV.

    • Show me img of your controller

      • I have the same remote with the soldered in 5.8 antenna. I can send a pic if you give me someplace to send it. Also, I accidentally broke off the connector to my 2.4 chip when I was drilling the hole. How can I solder the new antenna to the chip? Is there a diagram any where? Thanks!

        • I don’t have this drone any more , but for sure U can find pdb signal track under main PDB. Just remove main board and check. Don’t turn on it till you done because some tracks be short circuited.

  4. As an alternative to the 2.4GHz external antenna mod how about using something like this DALRC 2.4G 8dBm Remote Control Power Amplifier instead? Of course it could also be used in addition to the external 2.4GHz antenna as well.

  5. I did same thing for my H501C and will add a 2w booster 🙂

  6. What is the range without the mod?

  7. It really is amazing that you have increased the range. I really am impressed. However I have another question Sir. I have Hubsan H502E X4 (do not mix it with H502S). How can I increase its flying time and range? It uses a 7.4V 15C 4.5Wh 610mah battery. This battery now works only for 3 mins, after that drone can not even lift off from ground and keeps circling 2cm above ground and breaks propellers. I am searching for another battery from long which is more than 610mah; but I am not able to find the same size of battery with same configuration. Can you help me in this matter Sir? Is there anything that can be done to do something more than the stock in Hubsan H502E (Its not H502S)? Kindly suggest me if possible.

  8. Very nice mod.
    Will this also work on the advanced edition controller?

  9. It works like a charm, carefull on windmills

  10. this mod looks like they dont use any extra antenas, anyone tried it ? 🙂

  11. What antenna combo do you recomend to get the max distance out of it. Is there a spec that it needs to meet? and do you have a link to the ones that have been the best for you?

  12. thank you! I have a few more questions if that’s ok

    1 . Is the white antenna in the picture and the smaller black one just extras? Or do they go on the actual quadcopter? I understand one is for fpv and the other is for the signal but there is 4 antennas in the picture so I’m a little confused sorry I’m a newbie :/

    2. This is the battery I plan on using and obviously some kind of voltage regulator for it as well. Would this suffice?


  13. Hi I am very interested in this mod as well. Two questions here:

    1. Why in the picture does it have laid out what looks to be two sets of each antenna?

    2. If I were to also mod this controllers battery to a rechargeable lipo would everything still function ok? As I’m sure your aware this controller EATS batteries and probably even more so with the mod.

    • Hi Trystan
      1) One antenna is for 2.4ghz and second for 5.8ghz ( FPV )
      2) Ofcourse you can use lipo 2s or 3s and everything should works just fine, but I think 3s battery could be too much for long use ( higher voltage can heat electronic parts inside transmitter) . I will stay with my AAA batteries cause they can be fully charged without worries that they been damaged ( fully charged lipo batteries should be discharged in max 48h otherwise cells will be damaged ). Sometimes I forget to charge batteries for a drone xD and if I will have extra lipo in TX …. 😉

  14. Hello i have done this mod and now im getting maybe 100-200 meters range the original Antenna was better.
    What type of 5,8ghz antenna should i use? Does it make difference between rhcp or lhcp antennas?
    Greetings from germany

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