Hubsan H501s Cheap DIY gimbal and big crash ” Test 1 “

Deal Score+2
Deal Score+2

I looks for extra camera s that can be used on H501s and I decided to check   Runacam V2 with cheap antivibration FC plate. I think my set is that you can get cause it’s cheap and weight is super low. Hubsan is light weight drone so if we want to use a gimbal or extra camera we have to find most light set otherwise motors can be damaged and ESC can burned.

At the stores we can find this gimbal, but weight of this is 30g so it’s way to heavy.

Hubsan h501s DIY gimbal no8

Weight for my antivibration plate with strap is about 7 grams so is super light but in my case we don’t have a stands to starts or to land ( this is not a big deal cause my drone starts from my hand and can land on some grass or on my hand).

Hubsan h501s DIY gimbal no5

Now camera, this is the heaviest part, here you can see weight compartment for the cameras.

  • Runcam V2 52g
  • Xioami YI 72g
  • Gopro 4 88g !

As you see weight for my set runcam + gimbal is still lower than xiaomi yi camera 🙂 .

Hubsan h501s DIY gimbal no6

At the movie you can see that  there is lots of vibrations due to too soft anti vibration rubbers, where it suppress small vibrations but increase bigger.

Next time I will test standards rubber which came with the antivibration plates, those rubber are stiffer tough so all kind of vibration problems should be solved.

Hubsan h501s DIY gimbal no7

Here you can buy:
Runcam V2
Antivibration plate 

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