How to Upgrade Your Micro Racing Quad 5 Easy Cheap Tips

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How to increase the possibilities of your micro racing quadcopter;  5 practical tips how to pimp up your micro racing drone 🙂

Despite the fact that every drone racing pilot can build his own racing quadcopter from parts ,which are the best for him and are easy to purchase on the internet, not everyone racing pilot has enough skills, knowlage or pantient to do that. That’s why most of racing pilots decide to buy  RTF or ARF drones, that don’t require complicated tasks. The thing is that most of mini racing drones in ARF or RTF version not come built of the bes evert parts and the quality it’s not always fair to the price. Because nowadays mini racing quadcopter are on the top, we will share with you 4 practical tips  how to increase possibilities of your micro racing quadcopter, without spending a lot of money on it or building drone from the beginning 🙂 Only cheap , easy and  fast ways 🙂

1. Change fpv camera of your for cheap, small and light 1000tvl camera.

This little camera is a legend. An amazing light -1,2g. Using this little camera we can easily decrease the weight of your micro racer and I know that some of racing pilots count every single g og the weight of drone 😉

It’s even to much to say , that is small, it’s tiny and gives much better view then fpv cameras used in RTF drones. For only 11$ you can upgrade the quality a lot- really clear and sharp view for couple of $.


2.Spend next 11$ for the best VTX for your mini racing drone – Eachine VTX03 .

It’s the best micro VTX for little racers on the drone market . Why? And what are the benefits for you and your  drone? Well, at first; it’s really small and light, so it’s the best solution for micro drones. Only 2,97g of weight is amazing great score. The next great feature of Eachine VTX03; it is switchable 0/25mW/50mw/200mW , so if you lost the view among the tree you can easily switch from 25mW to 50mW and the view is back. Also it’s worth to mention that this VTX has 72CH. Moreover, it is really cheap and easy to install. For this money you can gone wrong. It’s perfect trasmitter for micro racing quads.



3.The easiest and the cheapest way to pimp up your drone in the world- replace the props.

Gemfan Hulkie

The best recommended for micro quad- Gemfan Hulkie 2040. Powerful, an efficient  and great quality 3 blade propellers  for 7500KV motors and 2s-3s batteries. Owners of Arfun 95 pro or Awesome 100 might be glad , but owners of Lizard95 will be in heaven 🙂 Literally and  very fast  🙂 The best way to spend 3$ 🙂


4. Choose the right battery and power up your drone 🙂

The next great option to increase the power of your micro racer for about 10$ :)The best types:

  • For mini racing drones with 7000-8000kv motors this one baterry will do a job:  Gaoneng GNB 3s 450mAh 80/160CBattery


  • For Lizard95 with 6000kv motors this battery will the best Gaoneng 550mAh 80/160C Battery


5. The next and the the most complicated tip, if we speak about reapleacing and the cost, but defintelly worth to invest is change FC for Eachine Minicube Flytower with  Frsky receiver.

Eachine Minicube Flytower is one of the best F3 FC for your micro quadcopter. It’s really tiny – 20mm and weighs only 13,6g with ESC and receiver .Eachine Minicube FC comes with ESC and receiver (optional) . For this set of FC, receiver and ESC we pay only 50$, so it’s really great price. It’s quite similar FC that this one used in Eachine Liazard95– cult powerful beast! So if you are the owner of Lizard95 , this tip might be not useful for you 🙂

If we pick up the Frsky receiver we would get really super feature=RSSIWith Frsky receiver the range with be increased to even 1km!!!

Eachine Minicube FC  is really amazing power house for micro racer with STM32 F303 MCU proccesor and MPU6000 sensor chip working in SPI mode and firmware OmnibusF3. It’s easy to install and setup, using Betaflight. In case of problems you can find planty of tutorials on Youtube.

Eachine Minicube  built-in 10A BLHeli_S 4 In 1 ESC  can handle 2s/3s batteries, so it’s powerful option for micro racing quadcopters.

On the board of Eachine Minicube Fc we can find also OSD, easy to configurate in Betaflight GUI. Extra features are led strip solder pin and buzzer.

We hope these couple of tips, might be useful for you. Upgrade you quad and enjoy the flight 🙂

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